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Manufacturing Standard of C-beam Machine


In accordance with the structural requirements of "Technical Specification for Pressing Tile Machinery of Steel Tubular Structures with Fasteners in Construction" (JGJ130-2001), the mechanical step of pressing tile of steel structure is determined, and the specific installation steps are given. Before erection, the person in charge of the unit project shall carry out the technical scheme for the shelf worker according to the requirements of the erection and dismantling scheme of the steel structure pressing tile machinery. Both parties shall perform the signature formalities. When erecting the pole, the application and research shall be operated by two cooperators. When connecting the large and small horizontal poles with the vertical poles, two persons shall also cooperate. The rack worker should hold the valid species operator's operating permit to work on duty. Wear good belts, shoes, plastic soles, leather shoes and other hard and slippery shoes are strictly prohibited. Operating tools and small parts should be placed in the tool bag, tighten the sleeves, collars and trousers legs, in order to prevent the danger of hooks.

roller shutter door machine

It is difficult to correct the accumulative error in the construction of C-section steel machinery of steel structure beyond the allowable deviation. After each step of scaffolding is completed, the steps, lengths, transverse spacing and the verticality of the upright pole are calibrated according to the regulations. Familiar with drawings and construction site, master the structural characteristics of building plane and elevation, environmental conditions.
C-section steel machine process machinery manufacturing industry:
There are two ways to process the blank of bolt ball, one is forging, the other is die forging. Cast balls are easy to crack and sand hole, and die forged balls are of good quality, high efficiency and low cost. C-section mill equipped with rolled C-section mill has good flatness, automatic fixed length cutting, active punching, high automation level, fast and convenient device. The product can be used as the main force-bearing structure of civil construction in large and medium-sized industries, such as workshop, garage, hangar, exhibition hall, cinema, market flower shed, roof load-bearing support with wall level.

roller shutter door forming machine

C-type steel machine mainly consists of passive charging frame, leveling device, punching device, cutting device after forming, hydraulic station, computer control system, etc. This machine adopts automatic flying saw piercing, easy to operate and other characteristics, the main use of products can be used as the main force structure of large and medium-sized industrial and civil buildings. The wall thickness of C-section steel machine can be made very thin, which greatly simplifies the production process and improves the production efficiency. It can produce all kinds of profiles with uniform wall thickness but complex cross-section shape and cold-formed profiles of different materials which are difficult to produce by common hot rolling method. The upper die and six lower dies of the same size should be installed first. The lower die should be installed directly on the hexagonal runner table. The upper die should be installed on the bottom of the slide seat, and the appropriate thickness of the cushion plate should be placed to ensure that the clearance between the upper and lower dies is uniform after the upper and lower dies are closed. The distance between the upper and lower dies is equal to the thickness of the required tile blanks. Then the upper and lower dies shall be taken as the standard, the worktable shall be rotated, and the other five sets of lower dies shall be installed. After all the upper and lower dies have been installed, the tile can be driven.
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