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Process flow of C-section steel machine


C-beam mill is a single-coil forming unit which can produce various specifications of C-purlin products by rolling rolls. The machine mainly consists of passive charging frame, leveling device, punching device, cutting device after forming, hydraulic station, computer control system, etc. C-section steel unit is easy to operate and has complete functions. It is made of feeding, pressing, glue dropping, heating, trimming, slotting and cutting. Precision low-speed metering pump, frequency conversion speed regulation, (or infinite speed regulation) and computer control are adopted to ensure accurate metering. It can be installed and used independently, but it needs manual loading and unloading. It can also be equipped with automatic loading frame, unloading manipulator and extruder, tile cutter, slab feeder and tile conveyor line to form the production line of tile slab of buckler equipment, which does not need manual operation.

roller shutter door machine

When C-section steel mill is installed under welding stress, if the restraint degree of the weldments is small, such as the plate thickness is thinner or in the free and unrestrained state, the weldments will produce corresponding size changes, shortening or bending or warping. If the restraint degree of the weldment is very large, such as the plate thickness is large, the shape is complex or the clamp is in a strong restraint state, then the weldment can not be deformed freely, but under the action of welding stress, local strain will occur, and a large residual stress will occur at the same time. The peak value of residual stress in the weld zone can reach the yield strength of the material. Therefore, the magnitude of internal stresses in welding is related to the thermal expansion coefficient of steel and the restraint degree of joints. The expansion coefficient of structural steel varies very little, while the restraint degree is related to various factors such as the form of structural joints, welding sequence, plate thickness and the tightening degree of external fixtures. C-section steel machine is strictly prohibited to work beyond the small closing height, that is, from the bottom of the upper sliding box to all working faces, the height of the upper and lower dies is required to be added after closing, and the thickness of the upper and lower cushion plates is added to the bottom of the tile slab, so that it is not allowed to exceed the 290 height. When manufacturing the dies, the design should be carried out according to this requirement in order to avoid machine tool accidents. Always pay attention to the height of lubricating oil in the sliding box and both sides of the C-section steel machine. C-shaped steel products rolled by C-shaped steel equipment have good flatness in tension, bending and compression, automatic fixed-length cutting, automatic punching, high degree of automation, fast and convenient installation. The products can be used as the main force-bearing structures of large and medium-sized industrial and civil buildings, such as workshop, warehouse, locomotive garage, aircraft garage, exhibition hall, cinema, gymnasium, market flower shed roof load-bearing and so on. The wall is supported flat. Cold-formed steel is the main material for light steel structure, which is made by cold-formed steel plate or strip. The wall thickness of C-section steel machine can be made very thin, which greatly simplifies the production process and improves the production efficiency. Process flow of C-section steel machine equipment: The strip is fed from the tail of the equipment and pressed by various rollers to form C-section steel from the head. In traditional technology, C-section steel needs to be cut off manually after pressing, and then transported to punching equipment to punch according to the size required by customers. The production can not be continuous and the efficiency is not high. The technicians cooperate closely with the equipment manufacturers to gradually improve the production process, and finally realize the automatic control of the whole process, which greatly improves the production efficiency and increases the technical content and added value of customer equipment. The improvement process is completed in three steps. Step by step, the length measuring device and the flying saw are increased. When the pressing length reaches the set length, the flying saw moves and cuts the profile automatically. Step by step, a hydraulic piercing device is added to punch four holes at the same time, and the flying saw cuts off the middle, thus forming two side holes at the head and tail of two adjacent sections of C-section steel. In the third step, an additional equipment for punching holes is added to punch out the holes according to the user-set spacing in the process of strip pressing, and 16 holes can be punched. In the fourth step, aiming at the requirement of punching double holes in the middle of profiles for new type C-section steel, the 4-hole punching die for side holes was changed to 2-hole punching die, and the program for punching side holes was modified so that the punching equipment for side holes could punch double holes in the middle, and the hole spacing was set by the user, and 8 groups of double holes could be punched. The wall thickness of C-section steel machine can be made very thin, which greatly simplifies the production process and improves the production efficiency. It can produce all kinds of profiles with uniform wall thickness but complex cross-section shape and cold-formed color steel equipment of different materials which are difficult to produce by common hot rolling method. Cold-formed steel is the main material for light steel structure, which is made by cold-formed steel plate or strip. However, due to the complex structure, high cost, many parts, time-consuming assembly, and to achieve the durability of the independent suspension, it is always necessary to keep the connecting rod deformed and not displaced. The use of materials and structural optimization of color steel equipment are very sophisticated, so the multi-link suspension is mainly in pursuit of excellent maneuverability and driving comfort.

roller shutter door forming machine
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