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Our factory specializes in the production of various machinery and equipment


Our main products are ordinary 840 type tile press, 860 type tile press, 900 type tile press and 910 type tile press.

Machine. Angular delay III675, 760, 820, C, Z, U-shaped steel, all from

Dynamic punching machine, twisting, flying saw, 4-6m bending machine, 4-6m shearing machine, color steel tile press equipment, type C

The special-shaped design and manufacture of steel press tile machine, color steel equipment C-section steel machine, glazed tile machine and various tile press equipment.

profile of roller shutter door

The special-shaped equipment of C Z U steel designed by our factory has a deep influence in the industry. This product has long been produced.Deeply appreciated by users all over the world, excellent quality, use time verification, reasonable price: truly letUser's confidence in buying
Our factory will use strong technical force, sophisticated production equipment and skilled professional team. No.Continuously produce good and practical products to provide good service to new and old customers everywhere.
Our aim is: credibility, quality and service.
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The products of tile press are widely used in civil buildings of large and medium-sized enterprises, such as factory buildings, locomotive garages, hangars and bodies.Stadiums, exhibition halls, theatres, temporary housing in earthquake-stricken areas, temporary housing in war and riot areas, etc.
profile of roller shutter door

We also have shutter door slatsroll forming machine for your reference. And you also can contact with us at any time.

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