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steel slitting machine
slitting line steel slitting machine

Steel slitting machine


Steel slitting machine is designed for slit narrow strip from wide coil then recoil it for further use. Meanwhile if you need to cut it to needed length during slitting, we also can make it for you. The thickness of material could be from 1 to 6 mm and the coil width could be from 900 to 1500 mm. The speed could be range from 25 to 100 m/min.
The slitting line can make sure of accurate feeding and shearing. It can be widely used in cold or hot rolling carbon steel, coil. The slitting line is controlled by PLC system. The information of length, shearing numbers and line speed can be input to the PLC systems. When the needed shearing quantity is reached the line can stop automatically. The line speed can be adjusted. It has a gauge with high precision, and whole line can work automatically and operate easily, smooth plates can be made.
steel slitting machine
The lines are composed of high-precision slitters with quick tooling change for slitter, tensioning device and recoiler. High-capacity recoilers . Extraction from coils without banding. Scrap ballers or scrap choppers. Moving tensioning devices with incorporated levelling.
Totally computer-controlled with diagnosis, automatic coil feed and quality control.
slitting line

Features of our steel slitting machine

1. For the sliting line, we can also design cut to length line together.
2. For the coil loading car, we can design with turing direction table.
3. For the decoiler inner diameter, we can give some rubber pad to enlarge the inner diameter.
4.For customize all the elements, only you need and then we can try our best to make for you.

Parameters of the slitting line

1.Raw Material (if the material is 
stainless steel, please tell in advance)

1). Material : carbon steel and others
2). The thickness of the material:1mm-6mm.
4),Input width:600-1600mm

2. Working process

Decoiler ----flatting and cutting---slitting-----flatting and collecting 

3.Hydraulic Decoiler with car

1). The inner size:450--610mm 
2). The Max width:1250mm
3). The capacity :15T 20Ton or more 

4. Flatting and Cutting System

1). 2 shafts for feeding coil.9 shafts for flatting 
2).material of flatting:42CrMo heat treated 50-52.
3).hydraulic system.2 sets cutting blade 
4).width of cutting:600mm--1600mm. 
5).the material of blade mould:Gr12MoV 
6).power :22KW Motor with ZQ650 Reducer 

5.slitting syste

1). The width range :200--1300mm 
2). The precious of the width:±1mm 
3). The speed of slitting:25m/min 
4). The width can be change.
5). Material of the slitting: Cr12MoV. Hardness 
of slitting blade:HRC5860.    
6).slitting:2~3mm 6 lines. 
7).quantity of blades:10 sets .
8).Width of side scrap:3-15mm 
9).The precious of side scrap:±0.5mm 
10).Quantity of side scrap:2 strips
11).Slitting burr:
12).Power of the slitting:37KW,1000r/min,with ZQ750 Reducer. 

6. Control System

1). Screen:3.2inch button screen 
2). PLC:Delta 

7. Electrical collecting machine with car

1). Material inner : 550-650mm
2). Max Coil width:1500mm 
3). Carrying capacity:5T
4). Automatic relax or collect
5). Power:22KW 

A video of the steel slitting line

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