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T grid ceiling making machine


A typical suspended or false ceiling grid work is made up from a combination of metal interlocking sections connected together to form the openings for ceiling tiles. The metal channels are formed in the shape of an upside down 'T' which is usually finished with a white paint to match the ceiling tiles inside. The T bars are supported at various intervals by a suspension mechanism, usually galvanised wire. The ceiling is usually supported around the perimeter by an 'L' shaped metal section, referred to as edge trim.

A random drawing profile of T grid ceiling

drawing profile of t grid ceiling
Supporting material thickness: 0.3to 0.6mm
Forming speed: 30 m/min

Parameters of T grid ceiling making machine

Material thickness:0.3-0.6 mm
Roll station: 16 stations
Motor power: 7.5 kw
Productivity: 30 m/min
T metal roll forming machine
T bar roll forming machine (2)

Ceiling T Grids of Suspension System Application:

Ceiling T Grids, A system of Ceiling Suspension System members, The ceiling T Bar Lay in Grid System consists of only one tile per module with both the main runner and cross runner exposed. All edges of the tile are supported by the exposed T bars reducing the chance of visible damage after accessing the ceiling cavity. It is the ideal solution for suburban offices, hospitals and schools offering a simple system that is easy to maintain and install.

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