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Roller shutter door forming machine


ZhongTuo exports to Dubai - C-shaped light steel keel roll forming machine
Production case

Our company's service sales scope is global, the company has professional foreign trade sales personnel, so far, our company's equipment has been exported to more than 150 countries.
In the summer of 2018, Mr. Vijay, a Dubai customer, purchased a C-shaped light keel roll forming machine from our company. Mr. Vijay is strict with the quality of the machine, requiring the equipment to work 20 hours a day.
profile of roller shutter door

1. After forming, the shape should be neat, and the two inclined surfaces should be processed with reinforcing bars.
2. The thickness of Machinable sheets should be between 0.5-1.2 mm.
3. After forming, the sheet surface should be added LOGO of the other company.
4. The machine voltage is 220V 50HZ 3 Phases.
5. The production speed should not be less than 40 meters per minute.
6. We need to send engineers to the customer factory to install and debug. 7. The construction period should be within 40 days.

profile of roller shutter door

In order to meet the above requirements of customers, our company's design engineers provide customers with the following machine production plan:

1. In order to meet the customer's voltage demand, we have customized the motor and computer control cabinet, and increase the power of the motor and the load of electronic components in the electronic control box.

2. Because the speed of common keel equipment can only reach 25 meters per minute, our company changed the motor drive of ordinary machine into hydraulic motor drive, machine shearing device, from the original shutdown to cut off, upgraded to the tracking type of non-stop shearing, and added high-quality servo motor to improve the production speed, but also very good control of product accuracy.

3. LOGO on profile surface, we provide two schemes for customers: 1. Rolling LOGO, engraving LOGO on machine rollers, plate can be processed on the process of rolling, the drawback is that LOGO icon can not be changed; 2. Using spraying code machine to process LOGO, its advantage is replaceable LOGO content, and spraying is clear; finally, customers choose the second two, spraying code machine.

4. At the request of customers, the warranty period of our equipment has been changed from 12 months to 18 months.

5. In order to meet the customer's time limit requirements, our company's Design Engineer personally led the staff to work overtime. All the problems in the process of machine making were solved immediately. Finally, after 32 days of overtime, the machine was finished in advance.

6. In order to enable customers to better master the use and installation of equipment, equipment to the customer's factory, I immediately sent engineers abroad to help customers debug machines, help customers install, and responsible for training operators, after a week of serious teaching, all ready, the engineers are at ease to return home.
At present, the equipment works very smoothly in the customer's factory. According to Mr. Vijay, about one third of the cost has been recovered. To this end, he ordered four new equipment to expand production scale. For this reason, our company deeply appreciates Mr. Vijay's support and trust in us, and you will surely be able to provide better equipment.
profile of roller shutter door

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