Ceiling T Bar Automatic Roll Forming Machine

Ceiling T Bar Automatic Roll Forming Machine

Zhongtuo Machinery is most professional and dedicated to the roll forming machine, T-bar T-grid FUT making machine. We are the poineer leader in the roll forming machinery industry in China. Now we export our machinery to Middle east, South africa, southeast Asia a lot. In China, all new T-bar factories come to us to build the T-bar production lines and the old t-bar factories introduce our automatic technology and buy our machines to phase out the old machines. KaiGui machinery enjoy greatly high reputation in the China and abroad. We have our own mould mill, our own electric element PLC assemby, and what’s more. We always do the best quality to bring superlative experience to our customers. Our products have a good performance and stable production. The following are two pictures of ceiling T bar automatic roll forming machine.

T bar automatic roll forming machine automatic T bar roll forming machine

We can offer you any size any kind Fully automatic T-bar t grid FUT making machine below:

Fully automatic Flat plain Main tee machine
Fully automatic Fat plain Cross Tee machine
Fully automact wall angle(W angle) Machine
Automatic FUT Main tee machine
Automatic FUT cross tee machine
Automatic GI profile stud and track machine

ceiling T bar roll forming machine

seamless gutter machine

Seamless gutter machine

Gutters are a vital part of your homes’ exterior as it channels rainwater away from your home. By directing the water in a controlled manner, gutters minimize or eliminate flooding and standing water around the foundation, and keep the rain from splashing and staining the outer wall. Seamless guttter is used widely. I will show you more details about the seamless gutter machine.
1.water gutter machine
2.operation is easy
3.running is steady and reliable
4.new purlin machine
5.fast changing mould
roduct Description
The chart of process flow:
Decoilingactive feedingroll formingmeasuring lengthcutting to lengthproduct to stand
Main equipment:
Decoiler, main forming machine, hydraulic cutting, product stand, hydraulic systerm, electric systerm

seamless gutter machine

Processing Material Colored steel plate, galvanized plate, or aluminium plate
Thickness of sheet Processing thickness of plate: 0.3–0.8MM
Equipment operation Automatically
Voltage According to customer’s request
Material width 12m
Productivity 8-15m/min
Material of Rollers 45# steel, surface hard chromium plating.
Material of shafts 45# steel, with heat treatment and surface is being hard chromed
Diameter of shafts 80mm
Number of rollers 16-18rollers
Total Power 4KW+4KW
Working accuracy 10m±2mm
Roller fixer Wall Board
Frame 300H steel
Cutting System Hydraulic mould Cutting
Operating language Chinese, English, Russian
PLC Brand Delta, Mitsubishi,Siemens,Panasonic
Packing In nude, with waterproof cloth and stow-wood
The computer controlled cabinet is packed with waterproof cloth and box.

C Section Steel Purlin Cold Roll Forming Machine

C Section Steel Purlin Cold Roll Forming Machine

Technical Parameter
1. Products specification: C80-300. thickness: 2-3mm. Yield strength: 250Mpa max.
2. Running speed: 0-12m/min.
3. Main shaft material: 45# steel, Q&T treatment
4. Main axis diameter: ¢75mm
5. Roller material: GCr15 bearing steel, Qunching heat treatment, surface black finish.
6. Roller groups: 15 groups main rollers
7. Levelling roller: 7 rollers levelling device
8. Main motor power: 11KW;
9. Hydraulic station motor power: 5.5KW
10. Punching station: 2 punch device
11. Electrical control system: Whole line adopted PLC control, Panasonic PLC.
12. Cutting method: Hydraulic powered, automatically cut to length after roll forming
13. Cutting mold material: Cr12 quenching treatment
14. Uncoiling: by 5T Manual uncoiler
15. Drive way: 1.5 inch double chain
16. Machine dimension: 8m L X 0.88 m W X 1.0 m H
17. Machine weight: about 8 tons.

Technological process
Uncoiling – infeed guiding &levelling -rollforming – cutting to length – out put product
Delivery time
45 days after deposit
Payment terms
30% TT in advance, belance after successful commissioning and before delivery
Sea worthy packing, film with steel
1) one year after commissioning
2) whole life technical support
3) 24 hours after-sales service

Stud and Track Roll Forming Machine

One of the most common building and construction materials is the steel stud and track.  The machine that is used to form these steel studs and track is the “Stud and Track Roll Forming Machine”. Stud and track roll forming machine could be used to make single stud, single track or combined track and stud by one machine. The sizes could be customized according to customer requirements. So if you have some needs about the stud and track roll forming machine, we will try our best to satisfied you.

Steel stud and track systems offer practical and economical solutions for screw fixing plasterboard to internal, non-load bearing partitions, fire and acoustic rated walls, stairwells, bulkheads and corridor ceilings.

And there are some pictures of  stud and track roll forming machine you can reference:

stud and track roll forming machine profile of stud and track


The Stud and track roll forming machine is composed by the following elements: Decoiler, leveling beach, roll forming machine, shearing system, punching unit and runout table.

Option Accessories

Many installations operate at very high speeds. For stud and track roll forming it’s common to reach line speeds of 500fpm or more.  As the forming machine discharges the stud at a high speed material handling equipment is required to stack and package the steel sticks in to bundles. Automated conveyor systems such as the following are typically required.

  • Stacker
  • Bundler
  • Wrapper

CU track channel roll forming machine

C U track channel roll forming machine

The CU track channel roll forming machine and the L angle roll forming machine and the Omega channel roll forming machines are finished. The customer order 4 sets of the machines and machines are all with the high speed servo transmission.
Below are the pictures of the finished machines for the customer:
The 4 sets machines customer ordered is in December, and we finished the machine in early January on time. The customer required other special requirements for the machines as below:
1 Wire protection cover
2 Protection plastic plate
3 The grove adjusting with or without
4 The lubricating oil adding system on the machine raw material feeding mouth.
5 The logo punching system
And we finished above details as customers required.

C U track channel roll forming machine

Customer will reach China next Friday to visit our factory to check the machines running again. We will take some new pictures and some machine running videos for you, kindly keep on reading our website, we will update new information.

Steel building is a metal structure fabricated with steel for the internal support and for exterior cladding, as opposed tosteel framed buildings which generally use other materials for floors, walls, and external envelope. Steel buildings are used for a variety of purposes including storage, work spaces and living accommodation. They are classified into specific types depending on how they are used.

50/70/100 Light keel Roll Forming Machine

50/70/100 Light keel Roll Forming Machine

50/70/100 light keel roll forming machine could be used to make stud and track by one mahine. 50-70-100 is also named as 50-75-100, they are all C stud or  U track in those three sizes. All those sizes can sastify your needs to build ceiling or drywall participation. Here are some drawing profiles for your reference:

drywall profiles

How to use 50/70/100 light keel?

c stud and u track

50/70/100 light keel roll forming machine parameters for your reference:

1).Shaft material:45# steel,outer diameter:50mm

2). Roller material:GCR12Mov

3).Number of forming steps:11steps

4).Main electrical machinery power: 5.5 KW

5).Forming speed: 25m/min

6).Transport:by gear

Here are the light keel roll forming machine pictures for your reference:

light keel roll forming machine

keel roll forming machine

light keel roll forming machine

For this machine, if you need to know more, please contact whattsapp 00861512755788 or email to cnzt002@zhongtuocn.com. In addition, if you want to know more information about other roll forming machines, please feel free to send your requirements to us.


rolling shutter machine manufacturer

rolling shutter machine manufacturer

Equipment technique requirement:
Equipment floor space: 23×3.0×2.5(L×W×H)meter.
Equipment feeding material the orientation: The left side enter and right leave.
Voltage: 380V,50Hz,3phase.
Hydraulic oil : NO: .46#
Gear oil: 18# Hypoid dear oil
Equipment main technical parameters:
Raw material width: around 196 mm
Material thickness: G.I=0.7~1.2mm
Material: Galvanized and stainless sheet
Production speed: around 6M/min
Production length: ≥3000mm
Equipment total installed capacity: Around 20KW.
Roll forming production scope
This rollforming machine can be make the thickness from 0.8mm to 1.2mm
Parameters of main equipment:
1 – De-coiler
Material width:≤250 mm, Material thickness≤2.0mm;
Inner diameter:480-520 mm;
Outer diamete:φ1200mm;
Max. Load capacity:≤2T
2 – Leveling system
Use 9 roller leveling,
Power 2.2 kW,
Speed: 10M/min

3 – Servo feeding system
BNC-30Technical parameters:
The feed shaft diameter:φ60mm
Measuring diameter of shaft:φ60mm
Maximum feed plate of width:≤300mm
Maximum feed plate of thickness:≤2.5mm
Maximum feed speed:≤40m/min
Feeding and blanking step length tolerance:±0.20mm
Feed products overall length tolerance:±0.25mm
Servo motor power/brand:1.3KW/Japan Yaskawa
TransmissionSynchronous wheel / gear
Length measuring encoder: ROUNDSS 2500P
4- Notching, punching hole and cutting
Structure: hydraulic punching structure,the welded steel frame, has good inflexibility
First notching dies: 2 sets
First punching die:1 set
After forming notching dies:2 sets
After forming cutting die:1set
5 – Main rollforming machine
Forming steps:14 group
Forming framework: use the wall type side plategear drive
Side wall thickness:25mm
Max material width:≤196mm
Min material thickness:0.7mm
The roll shaft diameter:φ48 mm
Roller material:Cr12MoV,the quenching hardness,HRC58-62°
Use of double bearing design, bearing type 6208
The main drive motor uses 5.5kw frequency conversion motor.

Steel Shutters Door Frame Tile Making Forming Machine

Steel Shutters Door Frame Tile Making Forming Machine

The shutter door can be used for specially equipped vehicles, fire engines, rescue vehicles and bottle cars. The lightweight, thin type shutter can be opened and closed smoothly with no noise. We also can see the shutters door in shops and warehouse. Technical Parameters of steel shutters door frame tile making forming machine (depending on specific requirements of users)

Suitable steel plate Type Color steel plate
thickness 0.3-1.2mm
Feeding width As users needs
Effective width As users needs
Production speed 8-12m/min
Roller stand 14 rows
Diameter 52mm
Main power 3kw
Pump power 3kw
Side panel of machine 14mm
Roller material Carbon Steel 45#
Blade material Cr12, qunched, Cr-plating size 0.05mm
Control system PLC Delta Inverter
Main structure of the machine 300mm H-Beam

Steel Shutters Door Frame Tile Making Forming Machine

Features of shutters door:

  • The shutter is light and thin, and the waterproof seal is built in.
  • Less noise and the door opening and closing is smooth.
  • The shutter is wound up to the top, so that the work can be done even in a narrow space.

Steel Shutters Door Frame Tile Making Forming Machine Components

No. Item Unit Qty
1 Manual decoiler set 1
2 Main roll forming machine set 1
3 PLC control box set 1
4 Supporter table set 1

China rolling shutter slats steel door making machine

China rolling shutter slats steel door making machine

Rolling shutter doors are connected in series with a multi-joint movable door. In a fixed slide, the upper and lower doors are rotated around the door’s upper reel. Rolling shutter doors are often widely used in shops. In the followings, i will show you more information about rollling shutter door machine.
 Working flow of Rolling shutter door machine :

Decoiler—–feeding——roll forming —— punching—–cutting—-output table

China rolling shutter slats steel door making machine components:

No. Name Qty
1. De-coiler 1 Set
2. Roll Forming Machine 1 Set
3. Punching device 1Set
4. Hydraulic Cutting Device 1 Set
5. PLC Control Box 1 Set
6. Output table 1 Set

China rolling shutter slats steel door making machine Technical Parameters

Material specification Galvanized and pre-painted galvanized steel.
Thickness 0.8 mm to1.2 mm.
Main motor power 5.5 kw.
Hydraulic station power 3 kw.
Feeding width 124mm.
Cover width 60mm.
Yield stress 235Mpa(33KSI) ~ 345Mpa (50KSI).
Roll forming Speed  20 m/minute.
Cutting Tolerance ±2mm
Manual Uncoiler Max. Capacity: 5000kgs.
Voltage As per customer’s request.
Numbers of stands 11 stands/stations/pairs.
Roller material 5# steel polished and coated with chrome HRC55-60°
Shaft diameter 70mm
Shaft diameter high grade No.45 steel after treatment
Type of cutting Roll-formed and length-set profile cutting.

rolling shutter slats steel door making machine
Our main products: CZU purlin roll forming machine, deck floor roll forming machine,door series roll forming machine, cable tray roll forming machine, roof and wall roll forming machine, light steel roll forming machine, water channel roll forming machine, glazed tile /ridge cap roll forming machine, highway guardrail roll forming machine, sandwich panel roll forming line, rack and fence roll forming machine and auxiliary equipments.

perforated shutter door steel cold roll form machinery

Perforated shutter door steel cold roll form machinery

Main Roll Forming System of perforated shutter door steel cold roll form machinery

usage: In order to keep the product shape and precision, adopts cast sheet structure, motor reducer drive,gear transmission,roller.
Length of the main part: about 5000*800*2000mm
Frame plate thickness :40mm
Weight of main part :3.2 T
Main power: 4kw

perforated shutter door steel cold roll form machinery
Shutter door roll form machinery Un-coiler System

Usage: It is used to support the steel coil and uncoil it in a turntable way.Passive uncoil pulled by roll forming system.
Loading capacity:5T
Uncoiler width:300mm
Inner diameter:450-550mm

3 ton decoiler

Shutter door roll form machinery Entry Beach

Usage: Put the raw material (steel panel)through the beach to manufacture and process, it can gurantee that the products are neat,parallel and everything is uniformity.Please refer to the equipment regulation to know the function of locate baffles.

And about the other parts of perforated shutter door roll forming machine, if you want to know, please feel free to send your requirements to us.

leveling system

Main roll forming machine system:

1.Number of forming steps:12stations

2.Shaft material:45# steel with quenched treatment, precision machined,

3.The diameter: ¢50mm

4.Roller material:Cr15Movwith quenched treatment

5.Transport: by gear

6.Forming speed: 18-20m/min
7.Motor: 4kw

8.Voltage:380v, 50Hz,3 phase

9.Structure:independent stand

10.Size of machine: 4.5m*0.8m *1.2m