Half automatic interchangable CZ purlin machine

The half automatic interchangable CZ purlin machine can produce various specifications of CZ purlins by half automatic simple stepless adjustment using the same set of equipment. It is not necessary to change the forming rolls when changing specifications. The production process adopts automatic control mode, which can automatically punch, cut and form according to the input length, longitudinal hole distance and quantity.

Check the drawing profile

CZ profile

Technical parameters of half automatic interchangable CZ purlin machine

1.C/Z purlin processing specifications:
By customer shape chart (width 300, height 100)
2. Processing workpiece thickness: 1.5~3mm
3. Punching hole distance lateral adjustment range: 45~500mm
4. Board length: >3m
5. Large forming speed of C-type purlin: 20m/min
6. Installation form: using the arch type
7. Roller form: using two-side rollerway split type
8. Roll material: GCr15 steel quenching treatment
9. Spindle material: 45 steel quenching and tempering treatment
10. The main motor power is about 15KW
11. Width adjustment total motor power: 3KW
12. Drive form: chain drive
13. Number of rollers: 17
14. Punching, cutting: hydraulic drive, flat punching, flat cutting
15. Cutter material: Cr12 quenching treatment
16. Electronic control system: the whole machine adopts industrial computer PLC frequency conversion control

half automatic interchangable cz purlin machine
The whole machine has beautiful appearance and high production efficiency (production speed reaches 20m/min).

C/Z/U section purlin machinery

CZU section purlin are widely used in in many industries such as construction, house decoration, etc. It has high strength, thin thickness. Upon request we can provide custom sizes and provide them punched and un-punched.  Our CZU section purlin machinery can produce the CZU section purlin in batch with a stable speed. Take a random drawing profile for your reference.

CZU section purlin

The chart of CZU section purlin machinery

chart of CZU section purlin machine

The pictures and parameters of the machine

C/Z/U section purlin machinery

Parameters of finished product

Raw material:galvanized/carbon steel coil

Material thickness: 1.5-3 mm

Material width: 200-600 mm

Effective width: 80-300 mm

parameters of machine

Dimensions: 9500*1500*1400 mm

Structure: Verticle frame

Roller material: Gcr15

Shaft diameter: 76 mm

Cutter material: Cr12MOV HRC 58-62

Cutting system: Hydraulic

Control system: PLC

Our C/Z/U section purlin are accurately roll-formed from high strength raw material to provide an efficient, lightweight, economical roofing and cladding support system for framed structures. If you have the requirements, just send your requirements to us. We will design the machine according to your demands.

Product feature and usage
The products of CZU section purlin forming machine have excellent anti-bending property and are easy to install. They are widely used as the supporter of roof and wall in large-scale and mid-scale construction, such as factory, warehouse, garage, exhibition center, cinema, theatre, garden and so on.



The difference between C purlin and Z purlin

With the increasing popularity of steel structures, the use of C purlin and Z purlin has also increased. What is the difference between the two? Here we will focus on the differences between c purlin and z purlin.

C Z purlin

1. The angles of Z purlin and C purlin are different. The C purlin is 90 degrees and the Z  purlin is less than 90 degrees. Therefore, when using a screed on a certain slope, it is necessary to consider the angle of the purlin in combination with the knowledge of the rake, and the slope is large and the Z purlin can be used. Take full advantage of its bending performance.

2. Compared with the Z section, the mechanical properties of the C-section and the Z-section are different, and the connection to the steel frame is mostly bolted. The calculation must be based on simple considerations. Therefore, from the aspects of stress state, structure and calculation results, the latter is more reasonable. Therefore, in addition to the needs of door and window openings and other special nodes, Z-sections should be preferred.

3. when the roof slope is small, the modulus of flexural section of Z purlin is slightly larger than that of C purlin, but the difference is not significant. When the roof slope increases, the modulus of flexural section modulus of Z purlin symmetrically increases in the vertical direction. Big. Therefore, Z purlins are suitable for roofs with large slopes.

4.  for the wall, the choice of Z purlin or C purlin does not make much difference, if the purlins want to make a continuous component, the best Z purlins, because of its convenient lap.

Based on the difference between C purlin and Z purlin, you should consider which situation is more suitable to use the C purlin or Z pulin.

Cee Zed Purline Rolling Fomer

Nowadays structural cee zed purlins are for industrial buildings, garages, verandas, and carports; anywhere that strong reliable steel framing is required. Manufactured from quality galvanized steel, this is a fully integrated system allowing for flexible design options. Based on the needs, we developed fully automatic cee zed purline rolling former. The following picture shows the size range and thickness range:

parameters of cee zed purline rolling fomer

Normally the cee zed purline roll former needs the plain or punched, which galvanized purlins are manufactured from high tensile steel for increased strength, reduced weight and a long serviceable life. All those punching on line could be made by this machine controlled by PLC system.

cee zed purline rolling fomer

Features of cee zed purline rolling former:

  1.  It offers a rapid change roll former for allowing the operator to select a flange height change in minutes and not hours.
  2.  The web width change in an infinite range from 100mm up to 300mm fully automatic.
  3.  It supports produce purlin in pre-painted, in galvanized and also the use of Hot Rolled steel.
  4.  High accuracy with punching and high speed from uncoilers, as well as a wide range of hole punching systems for inline web and flange hole placement with high accuracy.
  5.  Automation of gapping the roll tooling for different thicknesses can be added so that your operator does not have to adjust the top shaft for material thickness changes.


What kind of quality insurance you can get and after-sale service of CZ interchangeable purlin roll forming machine
1. The warranty of purlin roll forming machine C75- 300 is one year after the client receives the machine. Within the one year, we will courier the replacement parts to the client free of charge.
2. We offer technical support for the entire life of our machines.

Economic strong C purline rolling forming machine

In the market, there are many types C purline used for the building like galvanized C steel, galvanized steel, glass cable tray type C card slot type C steel, C steel, glass curtain wall type trough type C reinforced steel, C steel, with double unilateral C steel, manual forklift C steel, C steel, equilateral straight edge C steel, bevel edge type C steel, C steel, inner bevel roof purlin (wall) C steel, C steel, automobile profile highway column C steel, C steel solar stent (21-80 Series), with a precision of C type steel formwork support C steel, etc. equipment. That is all made by c purline machine.

Based on the customer requirements, we have designed many types C purline machine. Here I will introduce one type: cheaper version, adjust sizes by manual spacer:

Here is the drawing profile for your reference:

C purline profile  parameters of c purlin machine

Take the above C purline size range for example, I show you how the machine designed.

Machine working process:


The C purline cold rolling machine is composed by decoiler, leveling beach, roll forming machine, shearing system, runout table.

Here is the C pulrine machine pictures for your reference:

c purline machine

Hydraulic Cutting device:

1. Hydraulic cutter.
2.Blade, puncher and mold material: G12 steel with quenched treated 60-62℃
3. Cutting system: advanced hydraulic drive, automatic cutting after forming, no distorting or wasting, high level safety factor.



cutting part of c purline machine

PLC controlling device:

1. Screen: Touch screen               2 PLC: DELTA

3 .Automatic length measurement       4 Automatic quantity measurement

5 Computer is used to control length and quantity. Machine will automatically cut to length and stop when required quantity is achieved

6 Length inaccuracy can be amended easily


Note:  the difference of manual adjusting size and fully automatic machine lies in, the manual one, you need to know some knowledge when adjust sizes from 80 to 300 both for bottom size and height.  For the fully automatic purline machine, all could be done by PLC.

For this machine, if you have any question, please contact 00861512775578 at any time. In the next article, I will show you the full automatic C & Z purline rolling forming machines.

1.5 to 2.0mm C Purline and U channel Machine

C purline and U channel is quite popular in modern construction area. Light steel keel machine makes ceiling skeleton. That is, we often see the ceiling, especially the shape of the ceiling, are made of light steel keel frame, and then covered with gypsum board made of. The light steel keel ceiling is divided into the upper light steel keel ceiling and the light steel keel ceiling. Take the following drawing profile of C purline and U channel machine and then you will understand:

C U channel drawing profile

C U channel in ceiling

Normally many sizes could be made by one machine. There are two method which you can choose. One is using the manual spacer to adjust size. This type price is lower but you need to know how to do the adjusting.  For the linear machine you can use to adjust sizes. This type you can adjust the sizes through PLC. It is easier but price is a little higher. Here are some pictures for your reference:

c purline and u channel machine

The above picture is about the manual version. This type you need to adjust the spacer to make different sizes. In the following part, I will show you the fully automatic linear type.

Linear machine

The right part of the machine frame could be linear easily by PLC, so you can make the C channel and u track easily.

For those two types  C purline machine, U channel machine, if you need to know more information, please contact us at any time.

name card

C300 purline rolling forming machine manual version

The advantages of Zhongtuo C purlin roll forming machine 1.Produce different purlin sizes without by adjusting spacers.  2.No need changing cutter for different size. 3.Easy operation, low maintenance cost  4.Infinite sizing(any size within machine range),help to save material 5.Optional Punch hole at any position of purlin web side and flange side. Taking the following drawing profile for example to show you how the machine is composed:

 C purline drawing profiles

Here are some more detail parameters of the C purline machine for your reference:

Supported material:

Processing materials: Q215 Q235 Q345          Thickness: 1.5—3.0mm          Hardness: 195mpa—350 mpa Material width: 190—420mm                        Forming width: 80—300mm Height: 80–300 mm     Small leg: 15—20mm        Mid flange: 40–80mm (adjustable) Forming speed: 8m-10m/min           Molding methods: Roll forming


Usage: It is used to support the steel coil and uncoil it in a turntable way. Passive uncoil pulled by roll forming system. Loading capacity: 5T       Uncoiling width: 1000mm   Inner diameter: 450-550mm


Usage: Put the raw material (steel plate) through the beach to manufacture and process,4 down and 3 up , it can guarantee that the products are neat, parallel and everything is uniformity. Material of axis: 45#steel           Number:3 up,4 down             Diameter of axis: 100mm  Forming round: Material bearing steel (GR15), quenching 60-62 ℃

Side- wheel

Side wheel Features: leveling part to add two rows of side wheel, he can not control strip deviation to ensure that products are parallel.Operating principle: manual screw adjustment, simple, convenient and fast.

Roll forming machine

Advantage:Automatic length cutting, automatic punching, high degree of automation, quick and easy installationC-beam machine is a set of rollers to produce a variety of specifications C purlin roll forming machine finished single

It consists of passive loading rack, leveling device, punching device, after forming cutting device, hydraulic station, computer control systems. This machine adopts automatic flying saw punching, easy to operate features.

C section steel rolling machine equipment of C-beam bending finished with good pressure performance good flatness, automatic fixed-length cutting, automatic punching, high degree of automation, quick and easy installation,

Products can be used as the main medium-sized industrial buildings by the force structures, such as factories, warehouses, machine garage, hangars, exhibition halls, theaters, stadiums, fairs load bearing roof garden sheds and wall level support. Cold-formed steel is the main material for the production of light steel structure, the use of steel or steel roll forming steel.

C purline forming machine

cutting part

Features: The hydraulic broken C-beam machine roll bending finished with good compression performance, good flatness, automatic fixed-length cutting, automatic punching, high degree of automation, quick installation. Main power:4kw

C purline rolling forming machine

Punching part

Features: punching is added to the flying saw cutting part, by the hydraulic control, mainly in the red c-shaped steel in the hole based, can be set up according to their needs, can be washed from time to punch, simple to use, the durability
Power: 4kw (double valve)   Cylinder: 2 Material: Cr12 quenching   Quantity: 2

Hydraulic station

It is controlled by gear wheel oil pump. Afer filling the hydraulic oil into the hydraulic oil tank ,the pump drive the cutter machine to begin the cutting job


Hydraulic oil: 46#

Components: The system includes a set of hydraulic tank , a set of hydraulic oil pump, two hydraulic pipes. And two sets of electromagnetism valves.

Electric Control System

1.Adopted PLC , transducer, touch panel from Mitsubishi Japan to ensure high speed with stability, precision and lifetime.

2.Other electric element are Schneider

3.Equipped with movable switch , air break, radiator, transformer & electric leakage protector for operation convenience and safety.


4.One counter gauges length,pulses,and decides length

5.Omron encoder for length measurement

Products receiving tables

6.It adopts welded steel and supported roller to transmit the products.

For this machine, if you want to know more information, please contact cnzt002@zhongtuocn.com