Steel slitting line

Metal sheets or strips suppliers always need slitting machine and cut to length machine line for the production of metal sheets with different widths or lengths from GI, PPGI or stainless coils in large quantities. A steel mill most of time produces only wide steel coils, and steel or metal fabricators always use a slitting and cut to length machine line to manufacture steel strips with different widths or metal sheets with fixed lengths. A steel slitting line has been designed to cut longitudinally the wide steel coils into different narrow steel strips for continuously producing cold formed sectional steel products.

steel slitting lineslitting line

Layout of complete line

layout of slitting line

Technical parameters of steel slitting line

Raw material specifications:
Raw material:  GI or PPGI
Thickness:   1—5.0 mm
Width:   small than 1250mm
Inner diameter:  500mmmm
Max out diameter:  1500mm
Max weight:  10 T
Finished product specifications:
Width tolerance:  0.5mm
Min slitting width:  30mm
Decoiler specifications:
Max coil weight:   10 T
Inner diameter:   500mm
Max out diameter:   1500mm
Power:   7.5KW
Decoiler speed:  0-30m/min
Slitting device specifications:
Slitting speed:   0-30mm/min
Driving motor:   3.0 KW
Slitting shaft diameter:   Ф100mm
Shearing blade:  12 pieces
Max slitting pieces: 12 pieces
Min slitting width:  30mm
Shearing blade material:  12CrMoV
Pinching roller:  2 couples
Power:  22KW, 380V 50HZ, 3 phase 

Simple Slitting Machine

Simple Slitting Machine

Simple slitting machine is specialized designed for the color steel manufacture factories, slitting machine is easy to operate,convenient to use.The slitting length can be infinite extend. This Slitting machine is used to slit off thin material. It’s cost effective solution. It can finish decoiling, leveling, slitting, etc

Working Flow 

Decoiling →Feeding guide→ Slitting → Supporting table
Technical parameters of this slitting machine:
1.Materials:cold rolled steel coils/color-coated steel coils
4.Line speed:max 20m/min
5.Machine Size:1700mm*1300mm*1200mm(Length*Width*Height)
6.No.s of Slitting:max9slits
7.Cutting Accuracy:0.02mm

Purpose: Slitting line used to divided the steel coils into the required width coils.

slitting line

If you have your own requirements, please feel free send them to us. We can design the machine according to your requirements. We also have simple hydraulic slitting machine and hydraulic slitting machine for your choose. Just choose the one you prefer.

Warranty  1. One year, and we will provide the technical support for the whole life.

2. Training: the buyer should charge of visa, return ticket, food and accommodation overseas and USD80/person/day for salary.

3. Need one technician.

4. Training time: one week (contains the time of installation and adjustment)

Slitting cutter roller machine

Slitting cutter roller machine

The slitting cutter roller machine is used for slitting the steel coil to be small strips with automatic control panel. The features we have is fast speed, high precise, stable performance and easy to operate

Slitting cutter roller machine
The working flow :
Decoiling ———slitting——— extension——-recoiler——–unload



5Tons Hydraulic decoiler 1 set  



Standard Configuration

Guiding device 1 set
Main slitting machine 1 set
Cutting device 1 set
Extension device 1set
Recoiler device 1 set

Slitting cutter roller machine

Technical parameters:

decoiler Max coil weight 5ton
Inner diameter 508mm
Max out diameter 1200mm


Slitting device

Slitting speed 0-15m/min
Driving motor 2.2kw
Slitting shaft diameter Ф100mm
Max slitting pieces 10 pieces
Shearing blade material 12CrMoV
Pinching roller 2 couples

Cutting device

Cutting speed 4-5pcs/min(2000mm per pc)
Cutting thickness 0.3-0.8mm
Cutting length 500-4000mm
Cutting station power 3kw
Recoiler system Max coil weight 5ton
Max out diameter 1250mm
Recoiler motor 5.5kw
Recoiler speed 0-15m/min

Slitting cutter roller machine


Slitting Machine

Slitting Machine


Slitting Machine structure:
Slitting machine, cited material positioned by unwinding (unwinding), slitting slitting, winding (winding) and other components of the device. Its main function is the wide-roll material is provided in the longitudinal direction cut into narrow coils sized for slitting machine can be divided into a good variety, the most important points of the 14-inch, multi-knife slitting machine, round knife slitting machine , and other points of single-pole, there are points for the leather, there are sub-machine for PVC.

slitting machine
Slitting Machine features:
Points of the unit programmable logic design, automatically switch modes depending on the nature of the production line of the plate, can significantly improve production efficiency and reduce maintenance frequency.
Hanging material unwinding machine and winder expansion and contraction of the hydraulic cylinder with one piece design, low failure rate.
Spindle uncoiler, slitting the host, winding machines are equipped with disc brakes tension combination of high efficiency, in order to adjust the pneumatic circuit and automatically make instant Zhang forced braking action, so as not to loose coils under particular circumstances.
Pinch active feeding machine and automatically synchronized with the production line running.
Slitting host one-piece frame and separate transmission structure, can effectively improve the rigidity of the mechanical structure, while reducing the slitting blade vibration amplitude, improve product quality.
Scissors vertical axis reference plane amplitude accuracy are within 0.006mm, it can be better to extend tool life and ensure the accuracy of the finished product.

slitting machine
Bead wire using tension take-up and configure slip structure, can effectively improve the stability of mechanical operation.
Direct pressure tension damping structure using flexible, high wear resistance coefficient of wool felt for the fabric, to ensure smooth operation of equipment when; in addition, comes with pressure balancing device, so that the surface pressure of bilateral pressure equalization.
Separating mechanism with hydraulic binder combination can debug backpressure to stabilize the pressure, with the winding diameter increases automatically rise, and always effective to suppress coil.
Self-tension design finished rolling, and can increase the tightness of the finished rolling.

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