Guardrail roll forming machine

Guardrails roll forming machine is one of most popular roll forming machines, two wave or three wave guardrails are optional. Different countries have different standards of highway guardrails, we design the guardrail forming machine according to customer’s profile drawing.

Two guardrails and three guardrails profiles

guardrail profile

Features of guardrail:

The bending of the highway guardrail increases the aesthetics and increases the strength of the slab. Both are available. It is rolled by the forming machine. The surface is clean and undamaged, and the corrosion resistance is extremely strong. The surface treatment is mature; anti-corrosion, anti-aging and anti-corrosion The characteristics of drying, high and low temperature, the service life in outdoor environment can reach 10-25 years; The product structure is concise, beautiful and practical, easy to transport, install, good anti-theft performance, limited by actual terrain, for mountain, slope, multi-bend The zone has strong adaptability and moderate cost, which is suitable for large-scale adoption.

There are two types guardrails roll forming machine, they are two waves guardrail machine and three waves guardrail machine. I will show you some details about them in the followings.

Two waves guardrail roll forming machine

Steel coil strip material:

Material: Q235

Steel strip thickness: 2.5~4.5mm

Steel strip width: 480mm

Coils ID, OD, weight φ508~φ600, ≤φ1900, ≤10T

Finished 2-wave Guardrails:

Example: 310mm width, 85mm height, 4320mm +/-2mm length

Guardrail machine:

Production speed: ≤15m/min 2 or 3 pieces per 4320mm

two waves guardrail roll forming machine

Three waves guardrail roll forming machine

Steel coil strip material:

Material: Q235 hot rolled

Steel strip thickness: 2.5~4.5mm

Steel strip width: 750mm

Coils ID, OD, weight φ508~φ600, ≤φ1900, ≤10T

Finished 3-wave Guardrails:

506mm width, 85mm height, 4320mm +/-2mm length

Guardrail machine:

Production speed:≤15m/min 2 or 3 pieces per 4320mm

three waves guardrail roll forming machine

Two waves highway guardrail machine

Two waves highway guardrail machine can produce different size of 2 waves guard rail which used for highway or other livestock farms. The finished products are used as a variety of guardrail, highway guardrail, fence and other livestock farms.

Take a drawing profile of two waves highway guardrail for your check

two waves highway guardrail

Steel Guardrail Roll Forming Machine

Procedures of the two waves highway guardrail machine

It is fully automatically from the feeding to run out table, it is labor saving and eazy to operate.

Hydraulic uncoiler—Feeding—Leveling– hydraulic punching—Roll forming—Hydraulic cutting—output table

Main specifications of two waves highway guardrail machine

  1. Main motor power: 18.5kw
  2. Punching: Hydraulic pre-punching before forming,
  3. Punching mould:Cr12mov,quenched 58°~62°
  4. Roller material:Gcr15 bearing steel and quench treatment hardness 58°~62°, chrome coated 0.05mm
  5. Leveling rollers: 7rollers(three upper and four lower)
  6. Roll forming station: 21 groups
  7. Diameter of main shaft: 100mm
  8. Drive: Gearbox
  9. Raw material: galvanized steel
  10. Thickness of Raw material: 2.0-4.0mm
  11. Working speed: 8m–15m/min(Exclude cutting time)
  12. Length Tolerance: ±2mm
  13. Cutting: Hydraulic cutting after forming, Auto cutting when reach the set length.
  14. Cutting blade: Cr12mov
  15. Cutting tolerance: +/- 1.5mm
  16. Hydraulic power: 7.5KW
  17. Hydraulic pressure: 30Mpa
  18. Weight of machine: about 20ton
  19. Size of machine: About 13000×2000×1500mm L x W x H
  20. Color of machine: depend on customer
  21. Coder: Omron
  22. Control: PLC Panasonic, made in Japan. 380V 50HZ
  23. Computer operating panel: touching screen

two waves highway guardrail machine


Crash barrier roll forming machine

The crash barrier roll forming machine has been designed for producing w shaped guardrails with 2 wave and 3 waves or thrie beams placed on both sides of highway or expressway.

MTC designs and manufactures crash barrier roll forming machine for the making 2 waves or w beam and 3 waves or thrie road beam guardrails or guard rails. Typically one crash barrier roll forming machine produces only 1 type of guide rail. However, it’s technically available to make both 2 wave and 3 wave guard rails on the same machine.

The crash barrier roll former can work fully automatically from material feeding, punching holes , roll forming and cutting under control of PLC computer system. The produced crash barriers or guard rails have been applied for road or mostly highway/expressway construction.

In most of time, people use 10 gauge high-tensile galvanized steel (some with colour painted) to produce highway guardrails! At beginning, there are only 2-wave or w shaped beams with a two-rib corrugated design (with two secondary ribs). While in some other occassions, people must develop higher-tensile crash barriers with higher strength, and then we have 3 wave highway guardrails now.

crash barrier roll forming machine

This 3 wave or three beam crash barrier roll forming machine is a cost-effective and heavy duty production line. It produces 3 wave guard rails fully automatically and continuously out of galvanized steel (sometimes cold rolled steel) of 2-3.5mm thickness  in the same way as a 2 wave or w beam highway guardrail roll forming machine does, from material feeding all the way until running out from the main machine.

guardrail making equipment

Easily Operate Highway Guardrail Making Machine

To keep the driver safety, we need the highway guardrail making machine. We are specialized in making the highway machine. And our machines are easy to operate. We can make two waves, three waves for highway guardrail/fence application and two waves and three waves are made by one highway guardrail machine.  The following is about our easily operate highway guardrail making machine.

Production Standard: JT/T 281-2007, JT/T 457-2007

Raw material: Q235A galvanized steel sheet

Steel guardrails provide a visual and physical barrier between traffic and work areas. It is used for protection against accidents due to lift trucks or other mobile equipment in dock areas, aisles, around special equipment, or offices. Reduce costly damage to equipment and inventory. Modular system is easily expanded or moved as needed. For indoor or outdoor use.

highway guardrail

In the following part, I take a random two wave guardrail for example to show you how our guardrail is designed.  The following drawing profile is about the two wave guardrail:

guardrail profile drawing

Based on the above drawing profile, we make guardrail making machine parameter like the following:

1. Suitable material: Q235A galvanized steel, width: 440mm, thickness 3.0mm

2. Forming speed: 10-12M/min

3. Forming roller station: 20 stands

4. Leveling roller station, 7 stands

5. Guiding and feeding roller, 4 stands

6. Roller material: Gcr 15 bearing steel after treatment, HRC58-60

7. Roller shaft material: No.45 high grade material after treatment

8. Roller shaft dimension: 100mm

9. Main motor power: 45 KW

10. Transmission: by gearbox

11. Leveling rollers motor power: 2.2KW

12. Hydraulic motor power: 11 kw, hydraulic pressure: 20 Mpa

highway guardrail making machine

Best Machine can make the best finished product to protect road against impact:

Poorly designed machine makes lower quality finished products. The guardrail terminal ends will lead to penetration of errant verticals, which could be extremely dangerous. So for the machine design, we are quite seriously.

application of highway guardrail

Steel Guardrail Roll Forming Machine

Steel Guardrail Roll Forming Machine

Express road guardrail panel is made from hot rolled steel strips,and straightened,holes punched,roll formed,and cut to length by guardrail roll forming machine. The finished products are of many features. Such as high efficient,high automation,less labor.and etc.This machine integrates the technologies of cold roll forming,punching,automatic stack,and automatic controlling.

Steel Guardrail Roll Forming Machine
The guardrail roll forming machine consists of uncoiling system,straightening system,scrap edge cutting,leveling guillotine shearing system,holes punching system,cold roll forming system,cutting to length system,automatic stacker system,electric controlling system,hydraulic system,automatic controlling system,and so on.

Steel Guardrail Roll Forming Machine
Working Flow
Uncoiling-Sheet Guiding-Straightening&Leveling-Scrap Cutting-Holes Punching-Roll Forming-Cut to Length -Sheet to Support Table

Steel Guardrail Roll Forming Machine
Main Technical Parameters:

Item Parameters
Profile Two ribs and three ribs guardrail


Type Steel strip
(mm)Thickness 2.5-4.0
(Mpa)Yield stress 230-300
(m/min)Max.Forming speed 20
Roller material D2
Roller driven type Gimbals transmission
Controller PLC
Operation Touch screen+button
(Mpa)Hydraulic system pressure 25
(kg)Total weight About 50000