Metal Decoiler For Roll Forming Machine

All the roll forming machines need raw material to be processed and produce the finished product to sell. So the metal decoiler is a important part for the whole production line. The metal decoiler is  used to support the steel coil and uncoil it in a turntable way. It doesn’t need so much space. And it has many types for you to choose. There are cheap decoiler and fully automatically. Which one you want, we can provide you.

The parameters of metal decoiler for roofing sheet machine, it can be customized according to your requirements.

Passive uncoil pulled by roll forming system.

  1. Loading capacity: 1.5T
  2. Uncoiling width: 300mm
  3. Inner diameter: 450-550mm

There are three types for your reference.

1, Manual decoiler

manual decoiler

2, Hydraulic decoiler

hydraulic metal decoiler

3, Hydraulic decoiler with loading car

The feature of the hydraulic decoiler with car is that have functions compared the manual one.

Such as the press arm, loading hand and loading car.

Obviously, the loading car is the most different part beside the decoiler.

This loading car is controlled by the remote. It can move forward and back up.

Especially, the height of the car can be adjusted. So that the car can put the coil on the decoiler very easily.

The max. coil weight for the car is 10 Tons.

hydraulic decoiler with car

There are so many types for you check. They are easy to operate and our engineers can give you a training if you need. It is our pleasure to give you our professional advice. And we also have various kinds roll forming machine, if you have the requirements, please feel free to contact with us.



C Purlin Steel Forming Machine

In architecture, structural engineering or building, a purlin (or
historically purline, purloyne, purling, perling) is any longitudinal, horizontal,
structural member in a roof except a type of framing with what is called a
crown plate. (Quoted from wiki), as to the C purline, the shape is like the
character C with lips and something for easy installation with the punching
holes. The steel purlins are in turn supported by rafters or walls. Metal C
Purlins are light in weight and perfect for simple span construction.
C Purlin – Cee or C purlins are shaped like a squared-off letter C. They are
often used for structural support in walls and as floor joists in addition to
roofs. I will show you some detailed data about c purlin steel forming machine.

Profile and sizes range:

Metal Cee Purlins are available in a wide variety of sizes and lengths. See

graph below for sizes of galvanized metal purlins.

C Purlin Steel Drawing Profile

The following is the application of c purlin steel.

C Purling Application

Basic parameters of C purlin steel forming machine for your reference:

parameters of c purlin steel machines

C Steel Forming Machine

If you want to know other types purlin roll forming machines, such as other c purlin machine,  please feel free to send your requirements to me, i will give you the best proposal.

Metal Shutter Door Making Machine

Metal shutter door making machine is designed to make the metal shutter doors in batch fully automatic. And the machine can allowed to fully automatic high speed and normal speed.  For the finished product of shutter door, we can guarantee the curve part is round so that it is easy installation and the shape, size are perfect nice. And the roller will not hurt the surface of the coil.

To make you better know the metal shutter door making machine, i will describe it from three parts.

First, i will show you some drawing profiles.

Then you can balance some factors and make a decision. Choose the profile is the first step. An we also need to know the material thickness. It will help us to make a precise quotation.

profiles of metal shutter door

Second, you need to know the working process of this machine.

From the working process, you can clearly know the function of each part in this machine. And it can help you to install the whole line.

working process of metal shutter door making machine

Third, the finished products and metal shutter door making machine

finished products of metal shutter door

metal shutter door making machine

We also have other shutter door machines, such as garage door machine and solid steel shutter machine. And it is a honor for us to give you a reasonable solution when you have the requirements about the machine. Please feel free to contact with us.

Garage Roller Shutter Door Making Machine

We are professional in making roller shutter door making machine especially garage roller shutter door making machine.  As we know, cars have become the important vehicle in modern society. So we need to take more measures to protect our cars. The garage roller shutter door is a kind of all. Garage Roller Shutter Door Making Machine are used to make various type shutter doors which help prevent unauthorized access and vandalism to premises by adding an extra barrier between “outside” and cars.

The following is about Mode: ZTAC-120 series :

drawing profile of garage roller shutter door


Matched with  ZTAC–120 series is specially designed for north African market like Algeria and other country. In those market, the material thickness of making Garage Roller Shutter Door to 1.2mm. So the machine needs to be very strong, we use the gearbox as the transmission. Molding frame as the Garage Roller Shutter Door making frame. So the machine even if handle more thickness or strong thickness material, it also can work very well. 

Here are some pictures of garage roller shutter door making machine for your reference.



garage  shutter door making machine

garage door making machine
Here are some detailed parameters about garage roller shutter door making machine.                     Mode: ZTAC-120 series Garage Roller Shutter Door Making Machine is composed by the following elements: decoiler, leveling beach,main rolling shutter machine, hydraulic shearing system and autiamtic stacker. 
Machine working speed: 25m/min. 
Roller station: 16
Roller material: SKD11
Control system: Semens PLC
Shearing: servo motor control, flying shearing.


garage roller shutter door making machine
If you are interested in this machine or other roll forming machines, please feel free to contact with us.

Introduction of light steel villa

In modern times, more light steel villa instead of traditional buildings. What cause this solution? Now i will introduce some information to you. Light steel villa compared to the traditional residential, has its outstanding advantages:

(1) light steel villas of light steel structure parts production factory and a high degree of mechanization, high degree of commercialization.

(2) Light steel villa construction site fast, will not affect the nearby residents conducive to civilized construction.

(3) The light steel villas’ steel structure buildings are environmentally friendly and sustainable products.

(4) light steel villa light weight, good seismic performance.

(5) Comprehensive economic indicators of light steel villa is not higher than the reinforced concrete structure.

(6) Compared with brick house, light steel villa can avoid waste of resources

(7) light steel villas because of the light steel structure of the wall thickness is smaller than the brick structure can increase the effective use of the area;

(8) Compared with reinforced concrete residential buildings, light steel villas can be reused after being made of steel with light steel structure, but concrete can not be reused. It will certainly be construction waste afterwards, resulting in environmental stress. Concrete will take 40 years to fully dry , So likely to cause indoor moisture, moisture, is not conducive to human health. However, light steel structure completely without concrete, so there is no such problem.

(9) light steel house seismic performance. Due to the earthquakes activities of left and right and up and down activities, the light steel structure that is screwed together forms a safe and stable box, and does not collapse or collapse of the floor due to the shaking of the earthquake and endanger personal safety.

(10) Light steel villa construction using dry construction method, will not cause waste of water information. And save costs.

Second, light steel villa floor structure

Light steel villa floor by the cold-formed thin-walled steel frame or composite beams, floor OSB structural board, support, connectors and other components. The materials used are oriented strand board, cement fiber board, and plywood. In these light floor can withstand the load of 316 to 365 kg per square meter. Light steel villa floor structure system weight is only one fourth to one sixth of the traditional domestic concrete floor system, but the height of the structure of the floor than the ordinary concrete slab 100 to 120 mm.

light steel villa

T Grid Roll Forming Machine

For meeting with the different requirements from customers, we also manufacture the smaller roll forming machine—-light keel roll forming machine. And the T grid roll forming machine is one type light keel roll forming machine. T grid product is the main material of the ceiling, so there is a large needs for the machine. T grid roll forming machine allows you to make main T grid and cross T grid. Each type and each size need one set of roll forming machine.

There are two types for your reference. One is fully automatic T grid roll forming machine with punching holes done by machine itself and the other is half automatic machine, you need to the punching end, holes by hand separately.

Here is the application for the T gird: the main T and cross T combined together to load the gypsum board. The main T need make holes in some place so that the cross T can inset the main T product.

T grid roll forming machine


There are two pictures about the T grid roll forming machine, please check. If you have the requirements, please contact us. We will provide you the professional solution.


Pallet Racking Roll Forming Machine

In the present market, most of rigid profiles for high storage units, supports and shelf bases for all types of successful warehousing systems are produced by pallet racking roll forming machine. Ideal for mixed storage with mhe and manual operations. Heavy duty shelving system is designed for storing medium and heavy goods. It is a safe and adaptable system and easy to adjust as per the changing requirements. Heavy-duty shelving can store a wide variety of items and provide direct access to all stored items. These systems are based on the “person-to-product” principle and products are deposited and retrieved manually from shelves. full automatic shelving panel machine with pre-punching, cutting and edge-bending. For pallet racking roll forming machine, we can provide you the integrated full line including NC feeder, power press, punching tools, flying cut-off and run-out table.

Pallet racking roll forming machine components:
This machine build up by de-coiling (mainly consists of uncoiler and its base), gearing rigging, roll stand and main machine, pressuring system, cutting equipment, hydraulic system, control system, and product supporter.

Pallet racking roll forming machine technology processing drawing:

processing drawing of pallet racking roll forming machine


About the pallet racking advantages,  i will show you some points in the followings.

1>The conventional pallet racking system is the best solution for warehouses that need to sore palletized products with a wide range of SKUs.

2>Each pallet and SKU can be accessed directly.

3>Easy to control stock

4>Adaptable to any volume, weight or size of merchandise.

There is a pictures about pallet racking roll forming machine for your reference:

pallet racking roll forming machine

If you want to know more about the pallet racking roll forming machine, please feel free to send your requirements to us.





Steel Plate Roller Shutter Door Frame Cold Roll Forming Machine

Steel Plate Roller Shutter Door Frame Cold Roll Forming Machine

Bending precision
the maximum profile deviations (dimensions and shape) shall not exceed the tolerances specified as following data (or equivalent tolerances)
Maximum production speed
not less than 15 metres per minute (excluding cutting);
Bending quality
ability to bend the profiles of the specified configuration at the specified maximum steel thickness; cracking of the steel or metal coating is not permitted for all required steel grades.
5T manual decoiler
Feeding→roll forming→rectify device→post cutting
2 set
 Hydraulic station
Control desk
Profile& layout
 Yelid strength
Thickness range
Effective width
base on profile
Steel Plate Roller Shutter Door Frame Cold Roll Forming Machine
3T Manual decoiler 
Coil weight (Max)
 Inter diameter
Maximal out diameter
Oil cylinder dia
Coil width (Max.)
Working speed
0-15m/min adjustable
Hydraulic power
Main motor power
4KW AC motor
 Frequency converter brand
Profile steel thickness
between 0.8mm and 1.5mm
 Feeding system
adjustable by hand wheel
 Feeding width range
 Feeding roller
 diameter is ¢56mm, material is ASTM52100, HRC58-62egeree
roll forming
Main motor power
5.5kw, AC motor, side motor to save space
for coil replacement
by chains , Model:1.2inch,
Machine Voltage, Frequency, Phase
380 V, 50 Hz, 3Phase
Roll station
Shaft diameter
¢65mm material: SAE1045
Working type
up shaft is initiative, down shaft is passive
 rectify device
for revise the end product up and down/ left and right to straightness
Roller material
Roller material: GCR15 quenched 58°-62°finishing turning CNC
Post cutting system
Cutting after forming
Cut the sheet after roll forming to required length
Material of blade
Cr12, 58-62 HRC hardness
 Cutting power by hydraulic
7.5KW with Storage tank
Working pressure
12Mpa adjustable
Length measuring
Automatic encoder length measuring
Working pressure
10-20Mpa adjustable
 Tolerance of length

3000mm+/- 1.5mm

2.0m long*0.3mwide*0.9mhigh
Supporter roller
 ASTM 1045 with chrome
Diameter of rollers
2 units
Hydraulic station
Hydraulic power
Working pressure
12-20Mp adjustable
Solenoid valve
6 groups (one for cutting)
Hydraulic oil
46# hydraulic oil
Control desk
Operating system language
English and Chinese
Voltage, Frequency, Phase
380 V, 50 Hz, 3Phase
Control panel
Button-type switch and touch screen
Unit of length
millimeter (switched on the control panel)
PLC brand
 Frequency converter brand
Touch screen
Taiwan Weinview

Steel Plate Roller Shutter Door Frame Cold Roll Forming Machine

Angle Channel Truss Furring Roll Forming Machine

Angle Channel Truss Furring Roll Forming Machine

China Best Sale Ceiling T Grid Machine With Good Quality
1. Model:“T” bar
2. Raw material: galvanized steel sheet, Prepainted steel shee
Galvanized steel sheet: 0.2—0.35mm, prepainted steel sheet: 0.25—0.3mm
3. Production specification: T keel 38 x 24mm (H x W)
4. Technical parameter:
a. Voltage 380V 50Hz (adjusted according to customer’s requirement)
b. Roll forming machine power: 3.0 KW; drive motor of hydraulic station: 15KW; transmission motor: 1.5 KW
c. Material of roll: Cr12mov quenching hardness HRC 58-
5. Craft: uncoil — form — align — automatic punch, cut — finish product

Angle Channel Truss Furring Roll Forming Machine
1. Continuous automatic produce
It enters punching section after roll forming. Forming machine will stop to work once the length reaches setting length. The rotary encoder will signal to punching machine for punching. The finish production will fall automatically after punching. Conveyor will send out finish production from punching machine. And then forming machine will start to work; so that complete cycle operation.
Transmission system: drive by servo motor; install gearbox; whole production line is gear drive.
Forming speed: max. speed 25m/min; speed is adjustable
Hydraulic punch – cut system: automatic type, complete it one time.
Precision: ±0.2mm in total length, ±0.1mm in pitch of holes
It adopts high pressure, high speed for hydraulic system; install water cooling system; continuous produce for 24 hours.
Capacity: 5 pc/min; workpiece of T bar 3.66m in length
Space required: 19 x 4 x 1.5m (production line)
Independent power distribution cabinet, independent touch screen panel
It adopts steel sheet welding for whole production line; engine base of tamping machine and punching machine are welded first, and then processed after heat treatment.

Metal Deck Roll Forming Machine

Metal Deck Roll Forming Machine

YX153 Metal Deck Roll Forming Machine

No Specification of the material
1 Suitable Material Colored Steel plate, Galvanized steel
2 Width of the raw material 1500mm
3 Thickness 0.8mm-1.5mm

Machine Detailed Parameters:

1 Machine structure Wall board structure
2 Total power Motor power-22kw x2
Hydraulic power-5.5kw
3 Roller stations About 34 stations
4 Productivity 0-15m/min( excluding cutting time)
5 Drive system By chain
6 Diameter of shaft ¢90mm solid shaft
7 Voltage 380V 50Hz 3phases (Customized)
8 Container need 40HQ container

metal deck roll forming machine

1. Brief introduction:
A. Simple structure and beautiful outlook;
B. Easy to setting and operation
C. Little noise and high working efficiency.

2. Main technology parameter:
1. Size of sheet (mm): 1500mm
2. Working speed: 12-15m/min(not including cut-to-length)
3. Roll station: 42 stations
4. Material of rolls: 45#, polished and coated with chrome
5. Diameter: 115mm
6. Main power: 33 kw
7. Hydraulic station motor power: 7.5 kw
8. Hydraulic pressure: 20 Mpa
9. Electrical control system: PLC control OMRON Panasonic
10. Material of cutting: Cr12MOV
11. Thickness:0.8mm- 1.5mm
12. Tolerance of length: ± 1.5 mm
13. Transmission: double chain 1.2 inch