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Metal downpipe roll forming machine


Metal Downpipe roll forming machine can make downpipe automatically with a stable speed. The function of downpipe collecting roof rainwater and lead it into the rainwater pipe laid under the ground. The main materials of metal downpipe are: iron, aluminum, copper and so on. The main shapes are: round, square, rectangular, semi-circular, etc.

Some finished product of downpipe

metal downpipe

Parameters of metal downpipe roll forming machine

1. Installation size: 12000mm * 1000mm *1400mm
2. Roller material: 45# steel
3. Roller plating thickness: 0.05mm
4. Cutting knife material: Cr12
5. Forming speed: 9m/min.
6. Electronic control system: PLC
7. Power of main roll forming machine: 3KW
8. Hydraulic station power: 3KW
9. Hydraulic station pressure: 18-20Mpa
10. Sheet thickness: 0.4-0.6mm
metal downpipe roll forming machine

Features of the downpipe machine

The downpipe machine is fully automatic controled by computer, automatic processing and production. The raw materials are placed in the machine feeding inlet, the machine drives the sheet to automatically roll, after multi-channel processing, the computer automatically controls the cutting after completion, the measuring size is accurate; The saw is cut and easy to maintain.

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