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Uncoiler is used to pick up the coils from the coil car, secure the coils by means of expanding the mandrel, enable uncoiling of the strip during processing and much more. Uncoiler is suitable for coiling and uncoiling metal sheet or non-metal materials and it is efficient, automatic, robustly constructed and suitable for high speed.
We are professional manufacture in making uncoiler, there are three types uncoilers: manual uncoiler, hydraulic uncoiler and motor uncoiler.

Manual uncoiler

It is economic and practical with lower price. But it has no active rotation ability, passive stretching by main roll forming machine. manual uncoiler

Hydraulic uncoiler

It is easy to operate and efficient, but it takes up more space and is more expensive. hydraulic uncoiler

Electric uncoiler

There is motor active drive, forward and reverse rotation by motor drive, reduce the load on the machine when working with the machine. motor uncoiler
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