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We have a travel to Yesanpo for two days


Ended the busy work in the first half year, zhongtuo roll forming machinery co., ltd organized all the employees to have a travel to the Yesanpo for two days. It's an unforgetable experience for us. We all have a full relax.
In the first day of the travel, we climbed the mountain. From this activity, we realized it's necessary for us to keep ecercise. The begining of the road is smmoth, so we all didn't feel tired. But the second half of the road we climbed the 3000 level steps. We have stopped countless times, countless times to give up. But we encourage each other, and finally all climbed to the top of the hill.

China has an old saying: stick will win. We have used this action to prove this sentence. In the company's business, we will continuely to maintain high-quality products, providing the best quality service.
In the second day of the travel, we played rafting. This event is very exciting, but also very fun. Drifting when we splash each other, everyone is soaked, but we are very happy. travel
We are honored to join Zhongtuo family. I believe that our cooperation will be very pleasant. Please feel free to contact us if you have the needs about our machine.

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