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Different kinds of solar panel frame

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Solar panel frame are used by photovoltaic manufacturers to produce raw materials, battery components, and other component products. Solar panel frame is divided into three kinds according to the installation ground: one is the slope roof photovoltaic system, the other is the flat roof photovoltaic system, and the third is the large ground photovoltaic system. All three systems have their own advantages and characteristics.

Different kinds of solar panel frame system
1, slope roof solar panel frame system. Our brackets are generally placed on the roof, so we must choose the bracket according to the type of roof. About the slope roof photovoltaic support equipment, it is very suitable for different thickness of tile roof, adjustable high equipment accessories to meet the various application needs of customers, and its adjustment is also very convenient, can not damage the roof self-waterproof system The installation of the bracket is achieved.
2, flat roof solar panel frame system system This system bracket equipment as the name suggests is the flat roof bracket installation system, its installation is more convenient. Because the installation floor is relatively flat, it is suitable for large-scale tidy laying and has a variety of solid and reliable foundation connections. We can also develop unique accessories according to the requirements of customers, so that customers can get the maximum satisfaction.
3.The most common type of solar panel frame system for large-scale ground-based photovoltaic systems is a large-scale ground-based photovoltaic system. Large-scale ground-based photovoltaic systems are generally in the form of concrete strip foundations. The installation of the bracket can be quickly installed, and the large-scale ground photovoltaic system can be used to improve the progress of the construction team members, so the application is also the most extensive. The above are some of the types and characteristics of the photovoltaic support system. With the development of industry, this kind of equipment will become more and more popular, so we must be careful when choosing equipment to make our life more convenient and faster.

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