Casstte light keel roll forming machine

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What is Casstte light keel?

Cassette keel is made of steel, which is used for the main ceiling materials. It is for linking a fixed keel barrier, in a great extent played a stabilizing role, through the screw and the floor is connected to fix the ceiling or object.

How to use Casstte light keel?

The cassttle light keel often is used together with the U track and C channel for making the ceiling stronger and envionmental. Here are the installation pictures for your refernce:

Casstte light keel roll forming machine:

The Casstte light keel roll forming machine working process:

Decoiler- leveling beach -punching machine- coil feeder-roll forming machine -shearing system- runout table

The Casstte light keel roll forming machine composed by the following elements:

No. Item name Quantiy
1 Decoiler 1 set
2 Leveling beach 1 set
3 Punching machine 1 set
4 Coil feeder 1 set
5 Roll forming machine 1 set
6 Shearing system 1 set
7 Runout table 1 set
8 PLC control system 1 set
9 Hydraulic station 1 set>
Main of machine
Description Introduction Customer needs
Working  efficiency 5m/min
Thickness of Material 1.2mm
Control system PLC Delta
Uncoiler system 3Ton 500mm
Forming by rolling Roll 16 rows
Roller material Gcr12MoV quenched
Shaft and the diameter of axle 45#Aluminium processing
diameter of axle=¢50mm
Main part power 7.5kw
Hydraulic motor power 3kw
Hydraulic pressure 20Mpa
Scissor material Gcr12MoV quenched
length tolerance 3m±1.0mm
voltage 380V, 50HZ, phase Adjustable
Driving Method Chain
Color Yellow and blue (adjustable)
Working Size length*Width*Height
Coiler feeder > 1.5kw
Punching machine Gcr12MoV quenched

What kind factors will effec the Casstte light keel quality?

1.The shape of the Casstte light keel should be perfect and clear edge and the incision does not allow the burr and deformation afer roll forming.
2.After roll forming, it will not damage the raw material surface. So the galvanized layer of skin, tumor, loss and other defects.
Based on the knowledge of those, we have confidence; we can make the perfect Casstte light keel machine.
Here is the machine working video for your refernce;

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