High speed light keel roll forming machine

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High speed light keel roll forming machine working speed could reach 50 meter per minute. This kind of machine is quite poplar in Dubai, UAE, Europe, American and other places, where worker salary is high and house rent is also high. For this kind of machine has higher production. The high speed light keel roll forming machines could make furring channel machine, C track machine, U stud machine, wall angle roll forming machine and others.

Here is the machine picture for your reference:

Features of high speed light keel roll forming machine:

1.High speed when working, it can reach 50m/min. normally machine working speed is around 20m/min.
2.Working steady. For catering to the high speed, the machine frame, based and roller, PLC must be very good. So when working, it is very steady.
3.Long time to use. For make the high speed machine long time to use, we add the water cooling down system to machine. Even if in the hot temperature countries, cooling down system can make machine work long time.
4.Flying cutting saw. For the high speed roll forming machine, we use the servo transmission system. Flying tracking cutting saw. The cutter moves together with the finished product. By this method, the working speed can enhance greatly.
5.Use the gearbox as the transmission method, so when working, it is fast and steady.

Main parameters of the high speed light keel machine:

No Name Size and mode number note
1 base frame 100*100*6 1
2 Control station 1 Include switch button
3 Hydraulic station 4kw 1
4 Oil pump 63*80*80 1
5 Cooling device 35Hz 1
6 Sensor Npu 2
7 Encoder 600 1 Omron
8 tachometric wheel 2
9 Servo motor 3.9kw 1 GSK
10 Mold Mulfan1 4
11 Lead screw Sfu4020-1230 1 Taiwan
12 Guide HG35-2000 2
13 Slider HGH35cA 4
14 Coupling 4

Here is the high speed light keel machine working video for your reference:

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