Wall angle roll forming machine

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Wall angle roll forming machine could be used to make wall angel, angle protection board or L shape keel in various sizes with edge or without edge both. Wall angle light keel is one of the keel used in ceiling participation. It has the function of anti-shock, anti- heat insulation, which is quite popular in the market. The wall angle roll forming machine is developed to make those wall angle in batch for huge production. Here are one drawing profiles for your reference:
Wall angle roll forming machine

Here are some finished product pictures for your reference:

For the wall angle there are many types according to the different usages . But obviously, you can divide it into two types: with holes or without holes. Here we mainly introduce the wall angle without holes. Without holes wall angle could have two types: with edge and without edge. For this two types could be made by one machine, and the sizes are changeable.

Here is the machine picture for your reference:

Wall angle roll forming machine
For additional function if you need to press company logo, print production date and others, we can also make for you.

Here are some parameters of wall angle machine for your reference:

Roller fixer: Guide column
Frame: middle plate welded
Memorial arch frame type
Frame thickness: 25mm
Drive mode: gear
Material of rollers: GCr12MoV
Material of shafts: 45# steel with tempering
Diameter of shafts: φ40mm
Number of rollers: 10 rollers
Main power: 4kw
Cycloidal planetary gear speed reducer
For the shearing system, if you just need normal speed, we using the hydraulic shearing system. If you need the higher speed, we will use the servo flying cutting saw system. Here is one picture for your reference:

Wall angle roll forming machine

Why we use wall angle in building ceiling or drywall?

1.For pursuit personalized style, for the corner design we can use the most fashionable design and the best aluminum material. Half the angle can be seen.
2.Using the latest and most professional craft practices, try to make the bold boldly on the use of color then to make the whole ceiling beautiful.
3.For getting strong contrast effect, the wall angle could be bright or black and white contrast. We try to pay attention to the details of the repair corner, so that we can make the decoration more beautiful and generous, make people more like.
Here is the wall angle roll forming machine video for your reference:

All those requirements, our wall angle roll forming machine can satisfy you needs. In Next article, we will share more wall angle roll forming machine with the punched holes.
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