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Water cooling down system of roll forming machine

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What is water cooling down system of roll forming machine?

Water as the cooling medium and a cooling water recycling system, it is mainly composed by the cooling equipment, water pump and pipeline. Water needs cooling production equipment is also called the heat exchange equipment, such as a heat exchanger, condenser and reactor. When temperature rises, if emissions immediately, cold water is used only once (known DC cooling water system), the heating cold water flows through the cooling equipment water temperature to drop, can be pumped back to the production equipment used again, water consumption is reduced greatly, can often save 95% above. The cooling water for industrial use of water about 70%, therefore, the cooling water circulation system plays a role in industrial water saving.

When need water colling down system?

1.When buying high speed working machine. It is know to all that when machine working speed is quite high, the machine motor and roller will go quite hot. And then it will hurt rollers. To make rollers cooling down, you need the water cooling down system.
2.When machine is used in very high temperature countries, such as Dubai, South African and other hot places.

Here is the machine water cooling down pictures for your reference.

For our machine, if the customer does not have special requirment, we will not add water cooling down system. But if customer needs then we will add water cooling down system to machine. For this problem if there is any question, please contact me at any time.


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