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Door frame roll forming machine with Gear transmission and non stopping cutting system

Product Details

Door frame machine is a kind of roll forming machine, using the rolling station after station, to form the required door frame. The steel door frame is now widely used in buildings, there are cut frame welding head door frame and right cut floor frame door.

The main door frame machine is concluded by a series of roller stands, each of which has a pair of upper rollers and a pair of lower rollers the upper and lower rollers having fixed pieces and roller portions movable relative thereto; The door frame is formed by rollers station by station.
Zhongtuo factory can make the machines according to customer's require. Generally, the door frame machine is included by below parts:
1 Hydraulic/electric decoiler
2 Guide roller
3 Feeding material system
4 Leveling
5 roll forming
6 strengthening
7 non stopping punching
8 Non-stopping cutting with frame welding head
9 product receiving table

Decoiler---Feeding to the machine----Roll forming part and -Punching ----Cutting part----Product out table

Below is the profiles of the door frame drawing :

It need to punch the lock holes with a punching machine. The door frame machine punching system can be set before the raw material feeding or after before cutting system. This door frame machine is designed with gear box transmission and non stopping cutting system.

Below is the specifications of the door frame roll forming machine:

1 Feature Ensure the stability, accuracy and long life
2 Main forming machine Size 9500mm*1200mm*1500m(L*W*H)
3 Main forming machine weight 9.5Ton
4 Voltage 380V 50Hz 3 Phrase (380 V is China normal voltage, but the voltage can be customize by customer.)
5 Method for fixing roller Memorial arch frame
6 Material of shafts 45# steel Thermal refining
7 Transmission method Gear drive
8 The main shaft material No. 45 steel quenching and tempering treatment
9 Outer shaft diameter 60mm
10 Wheel material Quenching process of GCr15 bearing steel HRC58-60
11 Roller 20 stations
12 The main motor power 5.5kw X 2 sets
Zhongtuo factory offer you the best before service and after service
We will answer the customer asap. (within 24hours/days per week )
We can design the machine according to customer's detail requests.
In correct operation & maintaining, the machine is guaranteed for one year If necessary, we will dispatch technicians to install and commissioning, and also our technicians will teach and training the customer's workers to use the machine better.
We will provide long-term technical assistance.
1. One year guarantee period, and we will provide the technical support for the machine whole life.
2. The machine is easy to install, we will offer you operating manual and send you operating video
If you need engineer install for you , we can send engineer to your workshop. The buyer should charge of visa, return ticket, food and accommodation overseas and USD80/person/day for salary.
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