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Fully automatic door frame making machine

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Fully automatic door frame making machine could be used to make the door frame in batch and fully automatic. From tradtional method, normally door frame making machine only can be used to make shape rolling and then you need to do the punching holes, shearing and bending yourself again.
Here in this artcile all those problems could be settled by one machine. From the very beginning, the punching of the holes for the lock, and then the punching to remove the angle of door frame, and then do the rolling forming work. All those work could be done fully automatic.
In the PLC, you just need to input the length of shearing and bending that is enough. In the following part, I will take a random drawing profile for example to show you how the machine works.

Here are the machine pictures for your reference:

The first step about the punching:


Here are some basic machine parameters for your reference:

Main roll forming system
1) Main motor power: 11kw.
2) Drive: Chain, 1.5inch.
3) Roller material: Gcr15 quenching treatment 58-62°.
4) Shaft material: 45# steel.
5) Shaft diameter: 70mm.
6) Roll station: 22 groups
7) Raw material: 0.6-1.2mm.
8) Working speed: 5-10m/min.
9) Length Tolerance: ±1.5mm
10) Weight of machine: about 7ton
11) Size of machine: About 9500×1800×1700mm L x W x H
12) Color of machine: depend on customer
13) Computer operating panel: touching screen
Shearing system:
After roll forming, to make sure the door frame could be cutted at specified length, we use the hydraulic shearing system. Meanwhile we can give you another option that is dis shearing, by which can make the perfect shape after shearing.
2) Hydraulic power: 4KW.
3) Cutting: Hydraulic cutting before forming, Auto cutting when reach the set length.
4) Cutting blade: Cr12 quenching treatment 58-62°.
5) Cutting tolerance: +/- 1.0mm, 45degree cutting system

For this machine, if you want to know more information, please contact us at any time.
Here is a video about the machine


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