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High front gutter roll forming machine

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High front gutters hide the lower edge of tiles or roof cladding which creates an aesthetically pleasing appearance. It is important that sufficient overflow measures are included in the design of the guttering system and that high fronted gutters are installed in such a way that if they overflow, it will not result in water flowing back into the roof or building.
The design of gutter and downpipe system installations also need to comply with specific rainfall intensities for the area of installation and adequate overflow provisions need to be provided to prevent water from entering the dwelling during heavy rainfall periods.

Here is some sizes of high front gutter

There are two natural effects in our guttering that offer some protection against water flowing from eaves gutters inside a building, when attached to steel fascia.
(1)The first is that when installed on our steel fascia, the "high front" of the gutter can still be lower than the top face of the fascia. Water will always flow to the lowest point, and even if a complete blockage exists, should still overflow outside the eaves line.
(2)Secondly, if a complete blockage occurs the additional weight of the water will cause the gutter to temporarily deform. The back of the gutter is restrained at 1.2 metre intervals by fixing clips but between these points the gutter moves outwards from the fascia creating a gap that allows the additional water to escape.

Here is a picture of high front gutter roll forming machine

Parameters of high front gutter roll forming machine:

1 feeding material color steel coil, aluminum,GI,PPGI
2 material thickness 0.2~1mm
3 material yield stress 230~550mpa
4 feeding width as per need
5 forming speed 8~25m/min
6 cutter material cr12
7 roller material 45# steel with chrome treatment
8 Cr plating thickness 0.05mm
9 roller station 11 pieces(according to different profiles)
10 controller  PLC , touch screen and button
11 hydraulic station motor power 3kw
12 hydraulic presure 12mpa
13 main motor power 7~8.5kw
14 voltage 380v 3ph 50hz / as your needs
15 total weight 6~8t
16 dimension 10 x 1.5 x 1.5m

Maintenance of the high front gutter

Water will overflow to the front of the gutter if the top of the front gutter bead is located below the top of the fascia. Due to the gutter fall, this may occur towards the end of a gutter run in which case the portion of gutter beginning 5mm below the top of the fascia may be used in the overflow calculations.

The perfect solution to create a consistent gap between the gutter and fascia, llowing water to escape through the gap rather than entering the building. The clip facilitates the required 10mm minimum distance between the top of the fascia and the back of the gutter and is available to suit Contour and Clickfast steel fascias as well as timber fascia.

There is a video about high front gutter roll forming machine for your reference.


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