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Here we share one article about the rolling shutter slat machine-single rolling shutter machine. As to the single roller shutter slat means the slats roll formed from galvanized steel or colour steel without PU insulation. The raw materials are typically 0.6-1.2mm GI steel or PPGI steel. There are so many different sizes of single slats that it’s not possible to list all roll formers. Generally, one regular single rolling shutter slat roll forming machine can make only one slats, with punching holes optional.For shutters, here is one drawing profile for your reference:

In whatever corner on the earth, developed countries, developing counties or undeveloped countries, rolling shutter doors are everywhere. However, not everybody uses the same roller shutter doors. For example, in developed countries, people prefer PU insulated rolling shutter door for Shop, Garage, Warehouse and even office buildings etc. But in other areas, we may see rolling shutter doors joint with single steel slats or just panels. Overall, any country in the world may use different rolling shutters, buy they all use rolling shutters. So all ove the whole world, there are many types rolling shutter profiles, here I list some of them for your reference. Meanwhile for shutters, it also need the guardrails, bottom slat and others tubes. Here are more options for your reference:

There are more types, we can not list all of them here. But for rolling shutter door related profiles, Zhongtuo machinery can handle most of type and make machines for you. For different profile, different requirements, for the machine design we also have different design like high speed rolling shutter door machine, slow speed rolling shutter door machine, gearbox type rolling shutter door machine, pillar type rolling shutter door machine and others. For example the machine we have economic type, strong quality type and high speed type.Here I list some of types and pictures for your reference:



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