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Auto-flying saw Perforated shutter door roll forming machine with holes

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Shutter doors with walls as play a role in the level of separating. The shutter door is consists of the curtain plate, base bottom shutter door plate, rail, bearing U channel, reel, box, control box, roll door, stopper, lintels, manual switch means immediate release, push button switch and 13 parts safety device, etc.. Generally the shutter door is installed in the wall separating the inconvenience of using the site. Shutter doors are widely used for commercial facade, garage, shopping malls, hospitals, industrial enterprises and other public places or homes. Especially used in large doorway case , where it is inconvenient to install floor door convenience play, fast turn on action.

The shutter door is divided by the opening way as below:

1. The manual shutter door. With shutter slat on the center axis of the torsion balance of power, to achieve the purpose of manually pulling the shutter.
2. electric shutter door. Rotation with a special motor to drive the shutter central axis, to shutter switch, when the motor is rotated to set upper and lower limit stops automatically. Shutter doors for motor are: Plug rolling door machine, O-Vol door, tubular roll door, fire door, inorganic double curtain doors, rapid roll doors machines.
There are different varieties of the shutter doors, such as ordinary shutter doors, wind shutter doors, fire shutter doors, fast shutter doors, electric Australian (Mute) shutter doors
Shutter doors are almost always in the company or shop shutter doors means, in fact, shutter doors in foreign countries have many years of history, and also the last ten years, began to slowly introduce our country, shutter doors have a good fire alarm function, high safety performance, and many food and pharmaceutical industries are also using the warehouse to isolate the shutter doors, shutter doors really visible place in terms of security.

Cangzhou Zhongtuo roll forming machinery co ltd is mainly make the system of the shutter doors, such as the perforated shutter doors.The wind shutter door machine is used in the place where there are big wind, so it will not easily broke the door when there is big wind.
The perforated shutters doors are as below:

Process for the whole production line:
Decoiler --- perforation machine--- entry leveling---- roll forming machine---- shearing system--- run out table

The Perforated shutter door roll forming machine is formed as below steps. The un coiler system to support the coil and then then coil fed into the punching press machine to punching the holes on the shutter doors. Then the strips with the holes will be fed into the entry mouth to be leveled before into the roll forming machine roller stations. The main part of the perforated shutter door machine is the rollers roll forming machine. The feeding material will be bent little bu little by the rollers. There are about 10-15 rollers stations in the roll forming machine part.

When the perforated shutter door is formed and then will run into the shearing system.The machine cutting system is controlled by the electric cutting system or the hydraulic cutting system. When the shutter door is cut into required length, the shutter door will be finished well and will be sent to the shutter door receiving table.
Below are some pictures of the machines:


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