metal roll forming machine

Zhongtuo Light Gauge Steel Trusses Machine offer builders a competitive alternative to traditional wood trusses.This machine provides significant improvements over other light gauge steel trusses currently available. Flexibility and design advantages allow architects, engineers, contractors and owners' exceptional versatility and performance characteristics not available with any other type of truss material.Our machine could update with the fashio for providing new design increases material efficiency, ease of fabrication, simplicity of erection, and improved safety of material handling. Nomatter for running business or for big construction, this machine will be good helper for you.

Our machine supports material thickness from 0.4-4mm light gauge steel truss with the full engineering technicaldata/specification. Designed and pre-engineered by experienced truss specialists using only the very latest software. Normally our machine could make truss for Indian, Australia, Egypet and other countries. The shapes of the trusss are like furring hat shape, U shape, C shape, L shape and others.


Basic information of furring keel roll forming machine
Description Introduction Customer needs
Working efficiency 0-25m/min Adjustable
Thickness of Material 0.6mm Adjustable
Width of material 130mm Adjustable
Control system PLC Delta
Uncoiler system 1.5Ton
Forming by rolling Roll 12 rows
Roller material GCr12MoV (SKD11) Aluminium processing afterquenchin HRC58-62 °C, Chrome
Shaft diameter of axle 45#Aluminium-processing ,diameter of axle=¢40mm
Main part power 5.5kw
Hydraulic motor power 3kw
Hydraulic pressure 12Mpa
Scissor material Cr12Mov, herd steel HRC 58-62°C
length tolerance ±1.5mm
voltage 380V, 50HZ,3 phase adjustable
Frame form Grant type frame
Driving Method Gear box
Color Customize
Size length*Width*Height5.2*1.25*1.5m
weight 3.5T
Package Nude package in 1*20GP container
Delivery date 30 working days
Un-coiler System  Usage: It is used to support the steel coil and uncoil it in a turntable way.

Passive uncoil pulled by roll forming system

Loading capacity: 1.5T

Uncoiling width: 300mm

Inner diameter: 450-550mm

Entry Beach  Usage: Put the raw material (steel plate) through the beach to manufacture and process,

it can guarantee that the products are neat, parallel and everything is uniformity. Please refer to the equipment regulation to know the function of locate angle iron.

Main Roll Forming System 



Feature: Ensure stability, precision and lifetime.
Usage: In order to keep the product shape and precision, adopts welded sheet structure,

motor reducer drive, gear transmission (the first and the last roller, the down roller should be

attached with the upper one with the gear drive.), roller surfaces polishing, hard plating, heat

treatment and galvanization treatment. The polished surface and the heat treatment towards

the molds also can keep the molding plate surface smooth and not easy to be marked when it is

being stamped.

Length of the main part: about 3000х800х1400Weight of main part: 3 tons

Voltage : 380V/50HZ3Phase (as customer’s request)

Roller fixer : Guide columnFrame : middle plate welded

Memorial arch frame type

Frame thickness:25mm

Drive mode: gear

Material of rollers: GCr12MoVMaterial of shafts: 45# steel with tempering

Diameter of shafts: φ40mm

Number of rollers : 10 rollers

Main power: 3kw

Cycloidal planetary gear speed reducer)


Shearing Mechanism Feature : Ensure stability, precision and cutting speedFunction : Automatic cutting controlled by PLC
It adopts the hydraulic drive and automatic location to decide the dimension and cut the target products.
Material of blades: Gcr12MoV quenchedPower supply : hydraulic power

Frame : Pillar style with rack & pinion system

Stroke switch :   non-contact photoelectric switch

Components: It contains one set of cutting tools, one hydraulic tank and one cutter machine.
Hydraulic Station It is controlled by gear wheel oil pump. After filling the hydraulic oil into the hydraulic oil tank ,

the pump drive the cutter machine to begin the cutting job.

Hydraulic motor Power: 3kw
Hydraulic oil: 46#Volume: L
Components: The system includes a set of hydraulic tank, a set of hydraulic oil pump, two hydraulic pipes.

And two sets of electromagnetism valves.

Electric Control System Feature:1.Adopted PLC, transducer, touch panel from Delta Taiwan to ensure high speed with stability, precision and lifetime.

2.Other electric element are Delta

3.Equipped with movable switch, air break, radiator, transformer & electric leakage protector for operation convenience and safety.


Counter  One counter gauges length, pulses, and decides length.Omron encoder for length measurement.
Products receiving tables  It adopts welded steel and supported roller to transmit the products.
Accessories  1.Easy damaged parts: conk 2 pcs, fuse-link 4 pcs2. Rubber mat 1 pcs;

3.Bolt spanner 1 p