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Fully automatic Interchange C/Z purlin roll forming machine

Product Details

Fully automatic Interchange C Z purlin roll forming machine could be used to make C purline, Z puline machine at the same time. The working process is fully automatic. The working process of the roll forming machine: Decoilerguidinglevelingroll-forming-(interchange-size-automatically) punching cut to length output table

The fully automatic Interchange C Z purlin roll forming machine is compused by the following elements: De-coiler, Forming machine, Cutting device, punching device PLC control box, Hydraulic pump station, Production support tabl.

Here is the drawing profile of C purline and Z purline for your refernece:

Here is the Interchange C Z purlin roll forming machine picture:

For checking main parameters of C Z purlin roll forming machine:

S/N Name Parameters
1 Number of forming stations 25
2 Shaft material Uses the high quality 45 steel after quenching and tempering treatment processing, the shaft diameter of 85mm.
3 Roller material bearing steel
4 Transport Double row chain by 40mm
5 Motor Power 18.5Kw
6 Voltage By customer requirements
7 Roller material Cr12 forging steel processing after the quenching of HRC58-62. Surface blackening treatment.
7 Supported material thickness 1.5-3mm

When choose C Z purlin roll forming machine?

1.When worker salary is quite in some countries.
2.When firsting building factroy, it is not familiar with the operation of the machine.
3.When for C puriline and Z puline have huge production need.
4.The machine can help you finish size changing process in a few seconds. And quite easy.
5.When you have high accuracy about the finished product.
6.When you need higher speed of the machine.

For checking how ZT C Z purlin rolls forming machine working, please refer to the following machine video.


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