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Interchangeable c/z purlin rolls forming machine

Product Details

Interchangeable c/z purlin roll forming machine manufactures both Cee & Zed shaped section channels with shapes and sizes quick changed by PLC control within the thickness of 3.0mm from 1.5mm and the bottom sizes could be from 50 to 300mm.

Here use some brief words to descrip the Interchangeable C/Z purlin rolls forming machine. In some degree, we call it as semi-automatic C/Z purlin roll forming machines, even if the changing time is greatly improved, from C to Z could be controlled within 5 minutes but the cutter adjustmnet need manual work.
However, this machine can make both C and Z shaped section channels. People still need two machines for the manufacturing of C and Z steel purlins. Investment on two roll forming machines (one Cee shaped section channel roll forming machine and one Zed shaped section channel roll forming machine) is not ideal solution to contractors or distributiors. As a result, our genuis roll forming engineers have pictured out a new type roll forming machine image in their mind. One machine can make all sizes C channel and Z channel; the punching station can be made as many as you need.

Zhongtuo C/Z purlin interchangeable roll forming machine has been designed to produce both C and Z steel purlins with any sizes available. The profile change including cutting dies for C to Z takes at most 30 minutes (just clutches taken out, a 180° turning on some rolling tools and clutches inserted in) and size change needs at most 5 minutes (just input the required distance through the touch screen on PLC control cabinet ). So much efficiency has been improved by this quick-change c/z steel purlin roll forming machine


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