Fully automatic Zee purline rolling forming machine

Product Details

Fully automatic Zee purline rolling forming machine is professionally designed to make the Z purline in batch. It allows to do online punching, online punching logos. It composed by the following elements: decoiler, guiding platform,main machine of roll forming, cutting device, electric motor,hydraulic station,Delta PLC control system, run out table. Take the following drawing profile for example:


Z purline machine working process:

Decoiler→ → Feeding material into machine →Roll forming machine →Measure length →Hydraulic cutting →Finished Products
c purlin fully automatic

Zee purline rolling forming machine:

zee purlin rolling forming machine

Fully Automatic Changed Z Shape Purlin Roll Forming Machine:

 Size  7800*1500*1600mm
 Weight  9000KGS
 Voltage  380V/60HZ/3PH
 Hydraulic Motor Power  22KW
 Motor Power for auto adjustment size  0.37KW*2+0.75KW
 Motor Power for auto guide device  0.18KW*2
 Motor Power for auto adjustable
hole distance device
 Forming Steps  13steps+3steps for reshaping
 Forming Speed  15m/min
 Edge for Z purline  15-25mm
 Height of Z Purline  30-70mm
 Width of Z Purline  100mm-300mm
 Forming Thickness  1.0-3.0mm
 Tolerance for cutting  ±2.0mm
 Tolerance for Forming  ±2.0mm
 Straightness  2mm/m
 Material for All Roller  Gcr15 steel with heat treatment
 Material of principal axis  High grade 45# forged steel
 Sprocket wheel  45# steel high-frequencies quench
 Cut-off system  Hydraulic cutting device
 Material for Blade  Cr12 mold steel with quenched treatment 60-62°C
 Material for frame of machine  Fine welded structural steel;
 Material for producing the
Z Purline
 GI Steel with Min.420 Mpa ( JIS G 3302 SGC440
OR EN 10346 S350GD )
 Painted Color  Red or Customization

Main Accessories:

(1) Main Purline Forming Machine;
(2) 5 Tons Manual Uncoiler ;
(3) Automatic Guide Device;
(4) Hydraulic Motor System;
(5)PLC Computer Controlling System With Touch Screen ;
(6) Automatic Adjustable Hole Distance Device;
(7) Hydraulic Pre-punching Holes Device;
(8) Hydraulic Pre-cutting Device
(9) Reshaping Device;
(10) Rib Rollers;
(11) Run Out Table(10 pcs);
(12) Tools;
(13) Operation Manual,drawing for changing parts
(14) Free supply 10pcs bearing, 1.5m chain, 10pcs chain connection pins;
(15) Operation Manual.

Here is the Z purline using manual in working status.

where to use zee purlin
Fully automatic Zee purline rolling forming machine working video for your reference:


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