Various types ridge cap rolling forming machine

What is the ridge cap function?

We are specially designed to produce steel ridge caps, which are used to prevent water and rain leakage for industrial and residential constructions.So for most of the ridge caps are used for protection of the house. Here are some drawing profiles for your reference:

The ridge cap machine is consists of a hydraulic decoiler with a breaking device, rollformer with tooling, hydraulic cut-off machine, hydraulic pressing device and a run out table.
Our Ridge Cap Rollforming machines are designed with Mitsubishi PLC and touch screen for data processing and settings. Rollforming speeds can reach up to 12-15 meters per minute.
The is also supplied with a plastic film covering unit to protect the top side of your finished product. And for the fliming part, we can also design for you with other type protection cover.

Here are our ridge cap machine pictures for your reference:

Various types ridge cap rolling forming machine2

What zhongtuo ridge cap machine is different with others?

1.Leveling part, we have handrail and coil guiding system and then you can adjust the input coil width and make sure the coil to the right direction.
Various types ridge cap rolling forming machine3
2.We will give the manual shearing system, by which you can cut it at any length. By this way, you can save lots of coil.
3.All the machines, we will give the movable protection cover. By the cover, you can protect workers safely.
Various types ridge cap rolling forming machine4
4.The machine frame, we will design with powerful spring and two rows gear outside. On one side, it can give good protection about the machine frame,
Various types ridge cap rolling forming machine5
For this type machine, if you want to know, please contact us at any time.