How we design machine and why Zhongtuo machine production time is around 60 days?

Machine design drawing how to be made?

Contents of assembly drawings

A complete assembly drawing should generally have the following five aspects:

(1) A set of graphics to express the working principle of the machine world or components, and the inter-parts

Assembly relations and main structural shapes of parts, etc.

(2) Necessary dimensions mainly include specifications and dimensions related to Jitai or components,

Assembly dimensions, installation dimensions, overall dimensions and other important dimensions.

(3)Technical requirements use words or symbols to explain the characteristics related to the machine or component

Special requirements for performance, assembly, inspection, installation, commissioning and use.

(4) Part serial number, detail column Used to describe the serial number, code, and name of the part

Weighing, quantity, content of village materials, etc.

(5) Title bar Fill in the name, drawing number, drawing scale. The design unit, etc., the name and date of the design, drawing, and reviewer shall be signed by the clarify their respective responsibilities.

4.Special drawing method of assembly drawing:

(4) Exaggerate the painting method

Small gaps, thin gaskets, thin springs, etc. of non-matching surfaces, if it is not possible to press the actual

When drawing the actual size, the drawing method can be exaggerated, not to scale.

(5) Simplify Western France

If there are thousands of the same parts group on the assembly drawing, such as butterfly nail connection, it is allowed

Draw a group in detail, and only draw the center line position.

Rolling bearings can be represented by simplified drawing or schematic drawing. Oil seal (seal

Circle) in the sectional view of the assembly drawing can only draw half, and the other half with intersecting thin

The solid line represents.The process structure of the parts on the assembly drawing, such as undercut, chamfer, rounding, etc., It is allowed to omit without drawing.

We need to make all elements clearly and then we can make the machine accurately production.