How to get invitation Letter from ZHONGTUO ROLL FORMING MACHINERY CO., LTD 0

We are glad to tell every customers that we are happy to make the invitation letter and send to our customers. Recently, we have finished three official invitation letter for our customer, one customer is from Ghana, and one customer is from Pakistan, and another customer is from Saudi Arabia. Also we need to finish several invitation letters for customers from Canadian,Argentina.
Many customer friend need to inspect the factories before place the order and test the machines running after the machines are finished and before delivery.

As we known, when some customers plan to visit China, they need the company invitation letter from us. And some other customers, when they plan to visit China, they need the official invitation letter.
If the company invitation letter is available for you to visit China, so you can visit China with the company invitation letter.
Because in China, it is difficult and need long time to get the official invitation letter. While it is simple and easy to get the company invitation letter.

Here are the official invitation letter and the company invitation letter for your reference..

Below are the steps to get the invitation letters from our factory:
1.First check that if you need the official invitation letter or the company invitation letter. If you are not sure, you can ask help from us.
2.If you need the company invitation letter, kindly send us a pictures of your passport, the page which there is your personal information. And tell us the time period you plan to be in China, which we will write the time period in the Invitation letter.
3.If you need the official invitation letter. Kindly please prepare the below documents:
A The Visa you come to China
B The residence permit certificates
C The passport
D Your company business license.
After all the documents are finished, we will start for making the invitation letter for you.
If you want to know more about the invitation letter, kindly feel free to contact us.
And contact the company knowledge center