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High speed C purline 4 to 5mm thickness rolling machine

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Normally speaking for the C purline machine, we only use the common thickness from 1.5 to 3.0mm. But some time we do need the thickess from 3 to 5.0mm, based on the need, Zhongtuo cold rolling forming machinery designs machine for this type C purline making.
Meanwhile as to the rolling forming machine of C purline, the speed of 25 meter is normal, but for some developing countries, the worker salary is very high, then the high speed C purline machine will be good for them like the machine here, we can share the some more information of it.

Take the following drawing profiles and sizes for your reference:

We design the high speed C purline rolling machine like following:

High speed C purline 4 to 5mm thickness rolling machine working flow:
8 Ton hydraulic decoiler Bridge overfill leveling machine shearing and butt welder Horizontal spiral looper guiding system->second levelingmain rolling forming machine servo flying tracking cutting saw Intelligent roller table (automatic spray booth customer self-contained) Smart flip 180 degree buckle 10 meter stacker Intelligent roller conveyor to feed material to the blanking area - manual packaging.

No Item Name Type Qty
1 Hydraulic decoiler 8T 1 SET
2 Bridge and leveling 450x5.0 1 SET
3 Shearing and but welder 450x5.0mm 1 SET
4 Horizontal spiral looper 5000mm 1 SET
5 Main rolling machine
Molding frame+ gearbox
  1 SET
6 Servo flying tracking saw 80 MPM 1 SET
7 Intelligent roller table 40 meter 1 SET
8 Flip sort   1 SET
9 10 meter stacker PLC 1 SET
10 Intelligent cutting system   1 SET
11 PLC control system PLC 1 SET

I will take some elements of the high speed C purling machine showing here to explian why the machine can reach 50 meter per minute even if handling the thickness of 4 to
1.It uses the online shearing butter welder to make the machine non stop but welding online.
Shear and butt welding unit:Function
This part consists of hydraulic pinch rollers, guide unit, movable plate, hydraulic shear and welding unit. It is used to shear the head and the end of the steel strip and weld. Easy operation and high degree of automation improve work efficiency.

2.Sprail accmulator:
Function: as to stock the coil for matching the high speed of the working of machine. Or else you have to stop machine and then weld it.
The composition of the looper: bogie, feeder, looper, high-turning bracket, electrical control cabinet.
1, bogie
Bogie function: the strip is led from flat to vertical to the feeder. 30°-60° steering is adjustable.
Angle nip roller: Φ100mm*500mm*2, 45# seamless steel tube, quenching and quenching, HRC46-50, surface polishing.
Roller: Φ63mm*200mm*2 (solid core), 45# seamless steel tube, quenched and tempered, HRC46-50, surface polished.

10 meter smart palletizer
The equipment consists of a blanking roller, a reverse chain, a flattening mechanism, a suction cup palletizing, a plate chain conveying, a fully automatic baler, a discharge roller, and a discharge chain. The device has the advantages of high degree of automation, efficient stacking of strokes, and the like.
The unloading roller path is driven by the conveying motor to drive the conveying roller to transport the profile. After the profile reaches the position, the blanking cylinder drives the pushing plate to push the profile out.
The flattening mechanism is composed of a base, a flattening cylinder, a guiding mechanism, a pushing plate, an adjusting hand wheel and the like. Before the profile is lifted on the reverse chain, the guide plate drives the push plate to push the end of the row of profiles to the flush, ensuring that the end faces of the profile after the palletizing are flush.

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