Hydraulic decoiler with loading car or without for roll forming machine

Product Details

Decoilers also known as uncoilers, are designed and engineered by Machinery for supporting coil and a smooth efficient unreeling of coil material into a roll forming production line with a load capacity from 3 Ton up to 20 ton. According to the power supply difference, there are manual version, motor version, and hydraulic version. Here I will introduce the hydraulic version first.

For the hydralic decoiler could be designed with loading car or not. It also could be designed with supporting arm is the mateirl thickness above 1.5mm. It also could be designed with pressing unit or without. Here is some machine picture for your refernce:

Here are some basic parameters of the hydraulic decoiler for your reference:
Main specification
1 Coil inner diameter: 450-550mm
2 Max coil out diameter: 1300 -1600 mm
3 Max coil width: 1250mm
4 Carrying capacity: 5000kg
5 Hydraulic expansion
6 Automatically feeding
7 Hydraulic, inner tight
8 Hydraulic power : 3 kw
Drive power:3kw
Please note all above parameters are just for reference. All hydraulic decoiler will be designed according to the customer requirmennt.
Loading car:
The car can move levelly and vertically, which is convenient for putting the steel coils into the de-coiler.
It is driven vertically by φ200mm hydraulic cylinder with 4 guide pillars The level movement is driven by XWD2.2-63-121 cycloid motor
Capacity: 25T (Max)
Function: It is used to lift up and down, move forward and back to make it easy to load the coils on decoiler. Hydraulic controls lifting, motor drives moving. The car is controlled on the auxiliary control panel. Its moving speed is 6-7m/min. When the coils on decoiler, the car will return back to the start position and then carry back the unfinished coils from decoiler.


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