Steel coil inner or outside edge protector rolling forming machine

Product Details

Steel coil inner or outside edge protector rolling forming machine can help you make the steel edge protecter inner and outside in batch both fully automatic. One machine with two gear embossing machines and then it can be used to make those two inner and outside coil edge protectors. Here are two drawing profiles for your reference:

Finished products for your reference:

The machine is composed by the following elements:

Manual decoiler, leveling machine, punches machine, servo coil feeder, rolling forming machine, round circle making machine and PLC control system, hydraulic system.

Leveling punching system to punch wire holes:

Voltage:380V, 50Hz or according to client’s voltage


Producing speed:220-280m/h



Thickness of sheet:0.5±0.05(mm)


Main rolling forming machine:

1 Shaft material: 45# steel, outer diameter: 105mm

2 Roller material: Cr12  quenched with 58-62°

3 forming roller:6 steps, bending rollers:2 steps

4 Forming speed: 3-4coils/min

5 Main motor power:4kw

6 Transport: gear

7 Voltage: 380V,50hz

8 Middle plate thickness:14mm

Round circle making machine:

This part is designed for make the edge round to mat the coil base size.

Controlling Device:

1 Screen: 5.7 inch screen

2 PLC: Delte

3 Automatic length measurement

4 Automatic quantity measurement

5 Computer is used to control length and quantity. Machine will automatically cut to length and stop when required quantity is achieved

6 Length inaccuracy can be amended easily

Hydraulic system:

7.1 Hydraulic Station:1set

7.2 With hydraulic station, motor:4KW

7.3 Cutting press 20 ton

Machine pictures for your reference:


Making punched coil to L shape

Punching small bottom holes machine

For this machine, if you have any problem, please contact us at any time.


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