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suspended drop ceiling 24-38 Main T grid roll forming machine

Product Details

Suspended drop ceiling 24-38 Main T grid roll forming machine with half automatic and full automatic types. The machine will be automatic punching and cutting. Also we improve the punching and cutting with track. Meanwhile they will work without stop. With this technology, the speed of machine will be 20m/min. <br />
suspended drop ceiling 24/28 main T grid making machine
Same with the Tee Cross roll forming machine, the main Tee roll forming machine machine also include these parts: Manual decoiler, Feeding material into machine ,Roll forming machine ,Measure length ,punch holes ,Hydraulic cutting ,Finished Products. This machine is about 4.8 Ton weight, Dimension is 6500х850х1500mm
Main body color As you need , also the machine Voltage is custom-made according to your inquiry. The machine is controlled by PLC system, with a 5.7 inch touch screen, so it can automatic set the length of the T grid

2. Profile drawing:

suspended drop ceiling 24/28 main T grid making machine

Below is some details of suspended drop ceiling 24-38 Main T grid making machine

1 Manual decoiler
Max Coil width:400mm
Capacity: 1.5T

2 Main roll Forming machine body
machine Forming steps 16 stations
Shaft diameter 40mm
Design type Memorial arch frame type
roller material GCr12MoV
shaft material 45# steel
Work speed 10-20m/min
Transport By gear
Power of main machine 5.5 kw

3 Hydraulic cutting and punching system
Hydraulic motor power 5.5kw
punching machine pressure 32T
punching mould material GCr12MoV
Blade mould material GCr12MoV
Oil pump station 1 set with cooling part
Hydraulic punching when forming, punching head by separate
punching machine, no distorting or wasting. High level safety factor.

Below is some machine details pictures for your reference:

cross Tee suspended ceiling grid T trim making machine
We also have Cross tee supended ceiling grid t trim making machine.

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