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The cutting method of the CZ purline roll forming machine

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The CZ purline roll forming machine is popular in the cold bending roll forming machine market because the CZ purline is widely used in the modern building, not only used as the roofing purline, but also used as the supporting steel frame instead of the H beam to support the steel roofing.
The CZ purline machine have various of designing solution according to different requirements. About the cutting method, there are several kinds of the cutting methods: Post cutting, fast changing limitless cutting, and Twist off cutting with two knives.
(1)The front cutting method, this cutting type is best, it will not waste any material. But with a disadvantage, it easily cause the finished purline front end and back end a little different, but very small difference.
(2)The fast changing limitless cutting, this cutting method can cut any size of the C purline and Z purline, no need to adjust and no need to change the knives.

(3)The CZ purline twisting off cutting with two knives. This cutting type no need to waste about 10 mm material in every cutting, but it need to change the blade with different sizes.

(4)The CZ purline roll forming machine fly saw cutting method. This is an old cutting method, the advantage of this cutting method is that it will not waste the material. The advantage is that it causes much noise and there is metal burr on the edge. Below pictures is the cutting method of the fly saw cutting method.
(5)The hydraulic cutting, this cutting method is similar to the twisting off cutting, also widely used.
There are Z purline machine, C purline machine, CZ purline machine, some machines need to produce different sizes, the cutting method is designed according to the machine designing
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