Combined UC light keel machine

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Combined UC light keel machine could be used to make C stud and U track by one machine and you do not need to adjust spacer. The combined U track and C stud machine is like making two machine together but using one set of electricity system, PLC control system and machine frame. By this method, the combined machine takes little space and save some money. For any sizes U track and C stud could be combined together. Here is some drawing profile we made before for your reference:

Here is the combined C stud and U track roll forming machine pictures:

Same with the entire roll forming machine, this combined light keel machine is composed by Decoiler, leveling beach, roll forming machine, shearing system and others. But the main machine will have some different. Here is the detail machine picture for your reference:

Why choose combine U track and C stud machine?

1.Small machine design, it takes small space in the factory. If you factory has small space, please choose this type.
2.For the U track and C stud, you do not need to change roller and adjust the spacer.
3.Lower cost, as the two drawing profiles could be made by one machine, one PLC control system, one set of motors.

Some more detail parameters of the machine for your reference:

Manual decoiler
Material coil inner diameter 450mm-550mm
Max coil width 300mm
Carrying capacity 1500kg
Main roll forming machine
Number of forming steps 9 stations
Shaft material:45# steel  Outer diameter 50mm
Roller material: Cr12MoV
Transport by gear
Forming speed: 15-20m/min
Motor 7.5kw
Voltage 380v,50Hz,3 phase
Shearing system
Usage Together with punching words, cutting will be done together.
Material of blades Gcr12 quenched
Power supply hydraulic power
Frame Pillar style with rack & pinion system
Stroke switch non-contact photoelectric switch
Hydraulic Station
Hydraulic motor Power 3kw
Hydraulic oil 46#
Components The system includes a set of hydraulic tank, a set of hydraulic oil pump,
and two hydraulic pipes. And two sets of electromagnetism valves.
Electric Control System
  1. Adopted PLC, transducer, touch panel from Delta Taiwan to ensure high speed
  2. with stability,precision and lifetime.
  3. Other electric element is Delta.
  4. Equipped with movable switch, air break, radiator, transformer & electric
  5.  leakage protector for operation convenience and safety.
Brand Panasonic

Here is the machine video for your reference:

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