Half Automatic Flat T bar roll forming machine

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Half Automatic Flat T bar roll forming machine is the machine to make ceiling T bar by roll forming principle. Half automatic machine means that you need to punch the holes and ends of the flat T bar. Same as other T bar, flat t bar also has main T and cross T two types. Normally the T bar sizes 32x24x3600mm; 38x24x3600mm 38x35x3600mm; 32x15x3600mm etc. Here are some T bar pictures for your reference:

Here is the drawing profile of T bar for your reference:

Simple and brief introduction of half automatic T bar roll forming machine:

NO. Item Brief introduction
1 Frame table Material: Carbon Steel, Thickness: 20mm, Polished, Anti-rusting processing
2 Roller Material Cr12  Inner diameter 40mm, Min OD 90mm, Hardness HRC 55-56, Symmetry in the range of 0.05mm, 16 roller stations
3 Transmission Chain Drive or Gear
4 Stitch Four Rollers real stitch can also be used for fake stitch.
5 Side Plate Thickness 30mm, Polish 6 sides, high precision boring
6 Principal axis 45# steel, tempering heat treatment, mill grinder precise making
7 Electronic control system PLC programmed, Touch Screen, full automatic controlling system.
8 Stamping Moulds Material D2, Hardness HRC 58-60, Precise milled, precise making, easy to removable parts.


Advantages of Zhongtuo Half Automatic Flat T bar roll forming machine:

●Full automatic production to make the T gird shape. For the finished ending making and punching hole, needs another punching machine.
●Machine working speed is around 25meter per minutes and speed is adjustable.
●Hydraulic punching for anti slip holes and the company logo if you need.
●Hydraulic shearing and servo flying system.
●The product punching die and cutting off blade, we use SKD11 as material, long time to use.
●PLC control system, Human-Machine interface, portable and touch screen. The brand of PLC is Panasonic.

Here are some pictures for your reference:

For more information of the flat T bar machine for your reference:

1.By the half automatic flat T bar machine, main T and cross T cannot be made by one machine, which mean at least needs two sets machines: Main T bar machine and cross T bar machine.
2.For the punching machine, you can use one set and two sets of molds.

Here is flat T bar roll forming machine video for your reference:


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