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Unistrut 41×21 Slotted Hot Dip Galvanised Channel Roll Forming Machine

Product Details

Unistrut 41x21 Slotted Hot Dip Galvanised Channel Roll Forming Machine could be used to make, 41x21, 21x21 slotted channnel, shadow channel, C channel in batch and the whole process is fully automatically.
Unistrut 41x21 Slotted and 21x21 of galvanized steel fixing Ω STRUT ensure speed and ease of installation, saving time and money in fixing and assembly operations in construction of electrical, industrial and civil. These elements of support are available with slotted steel Sendzimir zinc and hot dip galvanizing.
For the machine design, we use the gearbox as transmission to make sure the machine working steady and then not hurt the surface of the raw material. Normally we will use stainless or galvanized steel.

Here are some drawing profiles for your refernece:

In the market, there is plain C Slotted channel, and then just save the holes punching part.

In the following part, check paramters of the machine:


1 Manualdecoiler 1 Set
2 Leveling Machine 1 Set
3 Roll Forming 2 Set
4 Hydraulic Cutting 2 Set
5 PLC Control System 1 Set
6 Hydraulic Station 1 Set
7 Run-out Table-(Un-powered) 1 Set
1. Decoiler
3 Ton passive de-coiler with brake device
Outside diameter of coil: 550mm
Inside diameter of the coil: 450mm
2. Feeding and leveling rollers:
Rollers: 4 steps, leveling Rollers: 9pcs

Diameter: 80mm
Leveling thickness: 3.5mm
Feeding speed: 20m/min
Drive type: gear
Punching device

1) Power: 60 tons mechanical press power with Pneumatic brake
2) 8 hole punching mold
3) Speeds: 60 times/min
3. Main forming machine :
1) Forming steps: 18 steps
2) Outer diameter: 70mm
3) Machine frame (type): memorial arch frame, Thickness of memorial arch frame: 30mm
4) Roller information:
A. Raw material: GCr12MoV
B. Quenched degree: 56-58°C
5) Shaft material: 45# steel with heat treat and hard chrome plated on the surface
6) Main motor power: 18.5kw, Reducer ratio: 1:14,
Reducer Type: Hardened reducer
7) With cooling device
4. Siemens control system with English
1). PLC brand: Siemens
2). Transducer brand: Siemens
3). Automatic length and quantity measurement
4). Stop control switch, to ensure the safety of production
5). Control station: Used to control product length and quantity, automatically cutting to length and stop when required quantity is achieved.
6). Error for length needs to be easy to adjust.
5. Gearbox transmission: Gearbox transport
A. Gear material: 42CrMo
B. Processing technical: hardening gear grinding processing
C. Gear lubrication system: automatic oil drip by computer control, oil drip time and amount can be controlled according the needs.
D.Gear cooling system: Automatic cooling circulation tank, which can guarantee not to exceed the gear temperature limit.
7. Non-stop hydraulic cutting device

1). Servo motor power: 5.5kw
2). Oil pump station 1 set
3). Cutter material: Cr12 mold steel with quenched treatment
4). Hydraulic cutting after forming, no distorting or wasting. High level safety factor.
slotted hot dip galvanised channel roll forming machine
slotted hot dip galvanised channel roll forming machine

For more details of machine working, please refere to the following video:

Here are some uages about the C slotted channel:
slotted hot dip galvanised channel roll forming machine
For this machine, if you have any problem, please contact us at any time.


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