Cable Tray Machine

ZT-75 to 600 fully automatic cable tray rolling machine

Product Details

ZT-75 to 600 fully automatic cable tray rolling machine produce d by us,
is used for producing cable trays that are used in different kind of
factories and buildings. We offering you to Cable Tray Machine that comprise
of efficient Punching Press, Hydraulic Press, Electric Control penel and many
other Equipment, which make it an ideal option for many. The Cable Tray Roll
Forming Machine can Manufacring a both superiority and quantity cable trays
in less time.
The ZT-75 to 600 fully automatic cable tray rolling machine is composed by the following elements: hydraulic decoiler, leveling system, punching machine,coil feeder, mian rolling forming machine and receiving table.

NO Name of each part Model and specification number
1 Automatic uncoiler ≤8T 1 set
2 Leveling machine   1 set
3 Punching  machine 200 Ton 1 set
4 Combined die Gcr12 1 set
5 Conveyor 3 m 1 set
6 Forming machine 22 rollers 1 set
7 Products receiving table 8 m 4 m/set
8 Electrical control system   1 set
9 Hydraulic cutting mechanism   1 set

Features of main cable tray rolling forming machine:

Thickness:1.0—2.0 mm; Forming speed:3—6 m/min。 Main shafts of molds:φ60 mm,40Cr hardening and tempering Lateral plate:27 mm steel plates Body of machine:350H welded steel plate Motor power:Main transmission: 4KW K series of spin chute gear motor 2 Sets, 5.5 KW K series of spin chute gear motor 2 sets. Motor power of side-to-side adjustment:1.5 kw motor 1 set,1.1 kw motor 1 set. Adjusting range of side-to-side:100mm-600mm. Adjusting range for height of lateral plate: 50-200mm. at the same time, can produce cover board (with width of 100~600 mm) (Width and depth are adjustable. Error on working length:±1.5 mm. Straightness error 2‰).


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