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Stainless steel handrails second roll forming machine

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Stainless steel handrails second roll forming machine could be used to make stainless steel handrail in batch. The old shaper process involved heavy, machined aluminum plate-templates along with fixed toggle clamps and guarded hand-grips. The actual cutting was usually done in two passes against an adjustable lower or upper ring and enclosed dust hood. Now we make the handrails by the roll forming machines. In stead of the wood material, now we use the metal, stainless steel and others.
Here are some sample pictures for your reference:
Stainless steel handrails second roll forming machine
We make this type pipe from the round pipe by the second roll forming machine. Actaully one set of stainless steel handrails second roll forming machine can support two types' different drawing profiles.
Here are some machine parameters for your reference:

                 Machine parameters for your reference

Machine size


Main power



350 heavy duty type

Input pipe daimeter

48mm and 59mm

Roller station

9 roll forming machine 3 leveling and sizing rollers

Supported materail thickeess


Working speed


Roller mateiral

GCr15 processing after heat treatment

Shaft material

40Cr quencing

Shaft diameter

60mm, processed from 70diameter round bar


6313 type

Turn the iron handrail on a metal lathe for a smooth rounded surface before bending. Afterwards, you will not be able to vary the surface features easily. Here is one picture about the real use of the stainless steel handrails.
Heavy duty shelf pillar roll forming machine
If you are interested in how this stair rail is made, please refer to the following video:


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