Roll Forming Machine For C Purlin

The C purlin machine based of adjustable roll forming machine is processed by planning machine and the screw locating pin connects machine stand walls. Straight panels ensure its high accuracy. Connecting holes of roll forming machine for C profile are adjustable.

All the c purlin machines could support material thickness from 1.5 to 3 mm and the bottom width from 80 to 300 mm. C purlin machine is only for making c channel, it also has two types: one is fully automatic of changing sizes and other is changing sizes by spacers. Same of the situation of z channel.

The process of c purlin machine is like this:

profile drawing of c purlin machine

The machine photo is like this:

c purlin machine

Features of C purlin machine

1. This machine is made up of welded steel. It uses processing technology to protect its integrity.
2. It has rational structure, strong carrying ability, and stable performance.
3. This machine has high forming precision and long service life because it undergoes high precision processing and heat treatment before chromeplate.
4. Components from famous brands ensure the whole performance and quality of our machines.
5. The C purlin machine can be operated by workers without special training because of its PLC control mode.
6. Easy to debug, low noise and high efficient.

For the c/z purlin mahcine, there are two other options: Z purline machine, C Z purlin interchangeable roll forming machine. No matter which one you are interested in,  please let us know.