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Fire damper supporter rolling forming machine

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Fire damper supporter rolling forming machine could be used to make the fire damper supporters in batch fully automatically. Fire dampler is mainly used for ventilation, air conditioning system, the duct, usually in the "working" state, when the air temperature reaches 70 ℃, through the valve fuse action and automatically shut down. When the airflow temperature reaches 280 ℃, the valve is operated by the temperature fuse of the fusible metal Close, cut off the air, to prevent the spread of fire. The supporter is one of the elements in it.

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For Fire damper supporter rolling forming machine parameters:

configurations manual decoiler, feeding ,main machine of roll forming, punching holes and cutting device, electric motor,hydraulicstation,Delta PLC control system, run out table
Material Raw material G.I and S.S
Thickness S.S=0.8-1.2mm, G.I=0.8-1.5mm
Manual decoiler Inner Diameter:450-550mm Expand by manual
Outer Diameter: max 1500mm
Max Coil width:500mm
Capacity: 3T
Main Forming machine Punching mould Gcr12 mov
Forming steps 14 steps
Shaft diameter 50mm
Design type Independent pillar frame
Machine frame Memorial arch
roller material Gcr12 Quenching 58-60 °
shaft material 45# steel tempering
Work speed 8 m/min
Transport gear
Power of main machine 7.5kw
Type of cutting and punching Hydraulic
Cutting tolerance ±1mm
Cutter Gcr12
Cutter quantity 1 set
Working pressure 20MPA
Punching system Punching holes before shearing, in the PLC, you can adjust the punching holes distance.
Punch logo If you need to punch your company logo, please inform us in advance.
Hydraulic system Hydraulic oil 46#
Hydraulic power 5.5kw
Cutting length As required
No distorting or wasting. High level safety factor.
Control Device control By PLC
PLC language English and Chinese (or as required)
Touch screen 4.7Inch
Function Automatic length and quantity measurement

Here are some machine pictures for your reference:


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