Octagon pipe roll forming machine

An octagon pipe roll forming machine is an equipment that manufactures the octagonal axes of roundel for rolling shutter doors that is assembled by steel slats or metal sheet panels.

octagon pipe roll forming machine

As its name shows, Octagonal tube is new type building material. Octagonal Tubes are widely used in petrochemical, power plant depressurization, aerospace, ships, machinery, communications, electronics and other fields. In the market, there are two types Octagonal Tubes, seamless and interlocked. The seamless Octagonal Tube is also made by cold draw pipe making machine. Here I will mainly show the interlock Octagonal Tube pipe with the interlocked seam. Here are tube pictures for your reference:

octagonal tube

The raw materials for octagon pipe usually are galvanized steel or cold rolled steel of thicikness 0.4-0.8mm and the widths depend on the required octagonal pipes or tubes that is used as the axes of rolling shutter roundels.

An octagon pipe roll forming machine usually consists of a manual decoiler, a pressing unit for holes, a roll forming unit, a cutting unit, control unit, and transmission unit. It can be running both automatically and manually under the PLC computer control system.

Parameters of Octagon pipe roll forming machine

Elements of octagon pipe roll forming machine

octagon pipe forming machine          octagon pipe roll forming machine

 Here is a video about the octagon pipe making machine