Characteristics and application of steel structures

Steel structures are mainly used in the following aspects:
1Industrial plant: It is adopted by industrial plant. It has small amount of steel, small base load, large span, high space use efficiency, comprehensive cost, flexible layout and convenient suspension. It is the most ideal structure for modern industrial plants!
2Sports halls: In recent years, China's sports and education undertakings have developed rapidly. Various sports facilities have been built in various places. The stadiums built by the company have reached the international advanced level, and the company's roof color steel plate is reconfigured. The series achieves the best construction and use.

usage of c purlinsteel structures
The steel structures has good advantages, mainly reflected in the following points:
1. High material strength: Although the bulk density of steel is large, the strength is much higher. Compared with other building materials, the ratio of the bulk density to the yield point of steel is the smallest.
2. The house has a small weight: the steel content of the main structure of the light steel building is usually around 25KG/-80KG, and the weight of the color profiled steel plate is less than 10KG. The weight of light steel houses is only 1/8-1/3 of the structure of the concrete, which can greatly reduce the cost of the foundation.
3, safe and reliable: steel material is uniform, isotropic, elastic modulus, good plasticity and toughness. It is an ideal elastic-plastic body, so it is accurate and reliable.
4. High degree of industrial production: The steel structure has the highest industrial production level, can be mass-produced in batches, and has high manufacturing precision. The construction method of factory manufacturing and site installation can greatly shorten the construction period and improve economic benefits.
5, beautiful: light steel enclosure is a color profiled steel plate, the use period is thirty years without fading, no rust. Due to the variety of colors of the color-coated plates, the lines of the buildings are clear, the look is comfortable, and it is relatively easy to shape.