purline roll forming machine

Z purline steel is not only a durable and economical advantages, while z steel throughout the production process of clean, environmentally friendly, z steel addition to the application with a number of large steel structure into the room, still rolling stock, transport, shelves, appliances cabinets, highway guardrail, container and other industries are widely used. Z-shaped steel profiles belong efficient and economical cutting surface and cross-sectional shape and reasonable, can play better performance, improve the bearing capacity of the CD.

Z purline roll forming machine Size adjustable, compressive strength, etc. Widely used in automobiles, railway vehicles, building windows and doors, transportation, shelves, electrical cabinets, highway guardrail, construction steel, container, steel formwork and scaffolding, solar energy bracket shipbuilding, bridges, transmission towers, steel sheet pile, cable tray, agricultural machinery, furniture, storage, rail, steel keel, vegetable greenhouses, pipe supports, municipal construction and other fields.CZ purlin machine

Z purline roll forming machine applications more widely, particularly with regard to the advantage of the majority of people just type z may know very little, its most significant advantage is that by the use of durable. Now every part of the Z-beam can be coated with zinc, and strong resistance coating, can accept during transportation and use of mechanical damage suffered. Z galvanized steel construction process than the other coating method is more convenient, but also prevents the device after brushing on the site.

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