Stud/pop chanel rack roll framing machine

Steel stud made by this stud/pop chanel rack roll framing machine are suitable to use as building decorations, especially suitable to use in bedroom, kitchen, washroom, corridor and so on. There are some details in the followings for your reference.

Drawing profile 

profile of c stud

Parameters of stud/pop chanel rack roll framing machine

1, Forming steps 10

2, Shaft diameter 40 mm

3 ,Middle Plate Structural

4,Roller material GCr12MoV quenching treatment 58-60° GCr12MoV quenching treatment 58-60°

5 ,Shaft material 40Cr steel

6 ,Work speed 0-25 meters/min

7, Gear transmission Gear transmission

8, Hydraulic Hydraulic

9,Cutting tolerance ±1mm

10,Cutter Gcr12

metal c stud machine studpop chanel rack roll framing machine

Features of stud/pop chanel rack roll framing machine

1. The frame of this machine adopts formed steel construction and utilizes processing technology after welded.
2. This machine has rational structure, strong carrying ability, and stable performance.
3. This machine has high forming precision and long service life because of its high precision processing and heat treatment before chromeplate.
4. Its famous brand components ensure its whole performance and quality.
5. With the adoption of PLC system, this machine can be operated by workers without too much training.
6. This roll forming machine for c stud is convenient to debug, and has low noise and high efficiency.