C-shaped steel production line equipment Promise forming Shear

C-shaped steel production line equipment Promise forming Shear

product information:
1, automatic C-beam equipment technical parameters:
Equipment size: 9000 * 1200 * 1400mm;
Weight: 8.5t;
Motor power: 18.5kw;
Effective sheet width: 80-300mm;
Waist high: 30-80mm;
Feed thickness: 1.0-3.0mm;
Discharge speed: 8-25m / min without punching shear;
Forming passes: 13 + 4;
Feed Material: Q195 / Q235 hot rolled strip;
Forming roller: GCr15 bearing steel finishing and heat treatment of hard chrome plating Houla Si polishing;
Forming rollers: 40Cr finishing after quenching hard chrome plating;
Both sides of the wall: A3 board:

Cutter Material: Cr12 heat treatment.

C-shaped steel production line equipment Promise forming Shear
2, set up with:
Coil arm put a rack;
Feed roller leveling one;
Hydraulic punching set, automatic control horizontal and vertical pitch;
Promise forming a hydraulic shear;
Forming host one;
PLC touch screen computer control cabinet, one Taiwan;
Finished a tray rack;
A toolbox;
Use a manual.
3, automatic C-beam equipment package delivery:
Service: one year warranty;
Packing: Simple packaging factory protective film;
Delivery time: 60 days.
4, automatic C-beam device functions:
C steel automatic stepless shear device is a roll to produce a variety of specifications C purlin roll forming machine finished single. C steel equipment mainly by passive loading rack, leveling device, punching device, forming Promise shearing device, hydraulic station, computer control systems.
Automatic C-beam machine, one minute to achieve C80-300mm any quick change type, you need to achieve the type of product specifications change, shaping cutter can be achieved either C80-300 Model Promise cut without changing tools. Inlet automatic adjustment, cut to length, precision accuracy, pressure-type speed, every minute of the board 8-25m / min, saving labor costs and improve productivity