Cable tray roll forming machine

The Cable Tray Roll Forming Machine produced by us, is used for producing cable trays that are used in different kind of factories and buildings. We offering you to cable tray machine that comprise of efficient Punching Press, Hydraulic Press, Electric Control penel and many other Equipment, which make it an ideal option for many. The cable tray roll forming machine can Manufacring a both superiority and quantity cable trays in less time.

Two pictures of the cable tray

cable tray cable trays

Parameters of cable tray roll forming machine

Material thickness: 1.0-2.0 mm

Roll station: 16 stations

Motor power: 18.5+5.5 kw

Productivity: 3-6 m/min

Decoiler capacity: 5Tons

PLC brand: Delta or customized

Cutting type: automatic hydraulic

Hole punching is available

Some pictures of the cable tray roll forming machine

cable tray machine roll forming machinecable tray making machine

Features of cable tray roll forming machine

  1. material with galvanized steel thickness ranging from 1-2 mm
  2. automatic speed of cable tray roll forming machine is 3-6 m/min
  3. in-line hydraulic power press equipped for the hole punching
  4. stationary hydraulic cut off make accrate and clear cut
  5. option with telescope shaft design for rapid product size changeover
  6. option with duplex roll tooling design for different profile changeover
  7. option with auto stacker to minimize operator cost

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