Combined cut to length and slitting line

Combined cut to length and slitting line is a nulti-functional shearing machine, which can be used for slitting and recoilering, cut to length and stacking, and cut to length with stacking. It is so convinent fo r you to make cutting and slitting.

Take a picture of combined cut to length and slitting line for your reference

combined cut to length and slitting line

Common Applications:

• For a most flexible and more cost-effective response to customer-demanded lot sizes
• Slitting of coil material into narrower segments with successive feed into cropping shear for blank cutting
• w/o the slitting system engaged, utilization as cut-to-length line only
• w/o the straightener and cropping shear engaged, limited utilization as slitting line only

Typical Configuration:

• Pay-off reel for the master coils; with variable speed drive and loop with loop control
• Straightener-feeder
• Slitting unit with plug-in or movable circular blades
• Cropping shear with pinch roller pair
• Looping pit to balance out different lengths of the individual strips
• Stacking system for blanks; removable for operation as slitting line only
• Station with strip brake and spacer rings
• Recoiler with spacer rings and pushers as well as tilting receiver mandrel or alternatively coil car for finished coils
• Peripheral guarding with electrical interlock

Additions & Expansions:

• 3- or 4 axis turnstiles for fast exchange of slitting units
• Various hydraulic and motorized features and components to enhance capacities and level of automation

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